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– traffic flowing fasterGuyana¡¯s police may be able to monitor traffic on the Demerara Harbour Bridge from as early as Monday,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, General Manager,Cheap MLB Jerseys, Rawlston Adams has said.According to Adams,Wholesale China Jerseys Free Shpping, personnel from the DHB are in discussions with police from the Brickdam Police Station. ¡°We have already installed the antenna; we are now installing the router¡­ we are hoping to test the link,Cheap Nike Air Max Wholesale,¡± Adams said in a statement release yesterday.The GM noted that police will be able to see vehicles entering and exiting the bridge. This will be an additional tool of the police to combat crimes.It was emphasized that the system has been proven effective since it has helped to reduce traffic congestion.¡°We have received positive responses from people. The traffic is flowing much faster off the bridge because that bottle neck that used to force people to slow down is no longer there.¡±In terms of preventing corruption from occurring due to the absence of people collecting tickets,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, Adams noted that all vehicles using the bridge are recorded.¡°There are two sets of recordings ongoing simultaneously: actual video evidence of vehicles transiting the bridge and that is coupled with ticket sales.¡±It was noted that the system will also be closely supervised daily by auditors who are also equipped with monitors.Government is also working to enhance the structural integrity of the bridge. Adams noted that within the past two years in excess of $2B was spent on its rehabilitation and maintenance.
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By Dr. Neromini FaguOur dental health is very important and what we eat play a big role in this.? It has been suggested that people with twenty-five or more teeth tend to eat healthier than those with less teeth.? Our teeth and gums are part of our body and need good nutrition to function properly.Growing up, we¡¯ve all been told, ¡°Drink lots of milk for strong teeth and bones¡±.? We are all aware of the importance that milk and other dairy products play in having healthy teeth.? They contain calcium and phosphorous which are the building blocks of enamel.Milk is one of the best drinks when it comes to our teeth.? It is rich in calcium and other important elements. It also lowers the acid levels in our mouth, which helps in fighting tooth decay. Cheese is rich in calcium and it can also neutralize the acids in our mouth that are produced by the bacteria in plaque.Also,China Jerseys Cheap, chewing on hard cheeses increases saliva production, which washes off some of the bacteria in our mouth. When choosing cheese, the hard, aged cheeses are the best options.Leafy,wholesale nfl jerseys, green vegetables and other high-fiber foods promote good digestion and healthy cholesterol levels, and they also do wonders for our teeth mostly because they require a lot of chewing.? Eating a bowl of spinach or beans is a bit like running your teeth through a car wash.All that chewing generates saliva, and the food itself physically scrubs our teeth as it¡¯s mashed up into little pieces.Vitamins are also very important. Vitamin D is needed for our overall health and our teeth as it helps our body to absorb calcium better.? The best source of Vitamin D is from sunlight.? However, we also know that too much sunlight can also lead to skin cancer so we need to balance our exposure and also wear sun protection.You can also get your needed dosage of vitamin D from fish,Nike Roshe Run Sale Outlet, egg yolks and cod liver oil.? Vitamin C helps to strengthen blood vessels and reduce inflammation, which may help our gums stay healthier.Vitamin C is also needed for the production of collagen, which is an important protein that helps us to fight periodontal disease. Without Vitamin C, our gums would become sensitive and more at risk for the bacteria that cause periodontal disease.? The best sources are from bell peppers, citrus, and broccoli.Some other foods that contribute to good dental health include:Water: It is another good drink option when it comes to our teeth.? It helps to wash away food particles and keeps our saliva levels high. Saliva is actually our mouth¡¯s best defense against tooth decay because it contains proteins and minerals that naturally fight plaque and if you stay hydrated, you will have an unlimited supply of it.Spinach, pok choy, and broccoli: These leafy greens are rich in calcium,Nike Air Max 2018, folic acid and lots of vitamins and minerals that are important to healthy teeth and gums.Black and Green Tea:? They contain polyphenols which have been known to reduce bacteria and toxic products of bacteria in our mouth by reducing the ability of some bacteria to clump together.? Tea also tends to be rich in fluoride,China Jerseys Wholesale, which is a well known necessity for healthy teeth. It¡¯s best if you drink your tea unsweetened.Nuts: They are full of health benefits for your teeth and are packed with calcium and phosphorus. Especially beneficial are almonds, Brazil nuts and cashews, which help to fight bacteria that lead to tooth decay.Oranges: Most citrus fruits are really acidic, which is not good for our teeth, but oranges are the least acidic of all,Cheap Jerseys League, and have all the health benefits that you can expect from fruits.Yogurt: It has numerous benefits, and is packed with calcium and probiotics that protect us against cavities, gum disease and even bad breath.Garlic: It contains allicin which has strong?antimicrobial properties so it helps to fight tooth decay and especially periodontal disease.Ginger: Ginger is amazing in many ways. When it comes to oral health it might freshen your breath and inhibit bacterial growth.Fish:? They are a crucial part of any teeth-friendly diet as they contain minerals and important vitamins like Vitamin D.For more information contact OMNI DENTAL at 295 Quamina Street, Georgetown Tel: 227-0025, Parika Tel: 260-3133 or send emails to [email protected]
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The precincts of the Reliance Magistrate¡¯s Court being conducted by magistrate Adela Nagamootoo was in uproar yesterday when a mentally deranged man who was scantly dressed refused to be taken upstairs when his matter was called.The man, Jene Alvin April, 31, of Errol¡¯s Ville Angoy¡¯s Avenue, is before the court on a charge of unlawful and malicious wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. The victim was his cousin Roderick April.Prosecuting Corporal Orin Joseph told the court that the two men are close relatives and on Thursday March 24, around 17:15 hrs an argument broke out between the two men.During the time the victim told the accused that he is a mad man. With that the accused became annoyed, armed himself with a cutlass and inflicted several chops on the victim¡¯s arm and legs.Roderick April collapsed and had to be rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he was admitted.The matter was reported and Jene April was arrested and charged.When the man appeared in court,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, yesterday he was dressed in rags. He had his underwear on his head. The man was taken out of the court and refused to be taken back into the court, when his matter was called. He started to rant and rave.He then took the underwear from off his head and started to eat it.Back in court Prosecutor Joseph made an application for the man to be taken to the National Psychiatric Hospital to be examined by a doctor and then be remanded to the New Amsterdam Prison.
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The Doppler radar tower at Timehri is behind schedule because there are some delays in acquiring some equipment from overseas.Kaieteur News was told that the tower was scheduled to be completed in November, but it is now expected that works will be completed in December. Just over 80 percent of the tower has been completed.The agreement that was signed with the Caribbean Meteorological Organization had stated that the tower will be completed and handed over in November.The installation of the radar equipment in Guyana is expected to be done in January. After much controversy and the loss of approximately $40M, a new location was selected in mid last year for the tower.Kaieteur News reported that the construction of the building to house the Doppler weather system was too close to the airport¡¯s Very High Frequency Omni Range (VOR),Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes, thus causing disruption.It was stressed that once the wrong reading is transmitted to an aircraft, it could throw a pilot off course,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, with serious consequences.This newspaper was told that technical staff members confirmed that the new location is at least 1500 feet from the VOR.Since the discovery was made,wholeslae cheap nfl jerseys china, the Office of the President took over the investigation to determine who should be held accountable for the money that was spent.One director from the GCAA was dismissed.Upon completion, the Doppler radar will be used to provide continuous real-time radar surveillance up to 400 kilometres out, and will help forecasters define with greater accuracy the areas where severe weather is likely to form,NFL Cheap Jerseys China, identify the characteristic patterns indicating a high probability of severe thunderstorms,Nike Huarache Shoes For Sale, and improve forecasting time,Cheap Nike Air Max 2018, intensity and location of heavy precipitation.
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Twenty-six-year-old Ian Boodhoo was charged yesterday with the hacking to death of his wife, Parbattie Vijrauren, and her US-based lover, Ramdat Persaud.Ian BoodhooBoodhoo, a mason of No.3 Settlement, Blairmont, West Bank Berbice, was remanded by Magistrate Charlyn Artiga following his appearance in the No. 51 Magistrate¡¯s Court.According to the indictable charges, between Tuesday June 2, and Wednesday June 3, he murdered Parbattie Vijrauren, called ¡®Nicki,¡¯ 37, of Lot 1 B Kilcoy, Corentyne, and US-based Guyanese Ramdat Persaud, called ¡®Buddy,¡¯ 56, of Lot 62 Tain Village, Corentyne.Boodhoo, who was unrepresented, is expected to make his second court appearance in the Whim Magistrate¡¯s Court on July 13.The accused was arrested on Wednesday after the bodies of ?Parbatie Vijrauren, 37, called ¡®Nicki,¡¯ a mother of two of Lot 1B Kilcoy, Corentyne, Berbice, and Ramdat Persaud, called ¡®Buddy¡¯, 56, a father of two of 62 Tain Village, Corentyne, Berbice and of the USA, were found in Persaud¡¯s ?house around 05:00 hours.Parbatie Vijrauen was found lying on a bed, while Ramdat Persaud was found on the floor.Persaud had been in Guyana for over seven months, leaving his wife and children in the USA. While here, he struck up a relationship with Vijrauren,Cheap Jerseys USA, after she returned home from Trinidad with her husband. The woman was reportedly working next door to where Persaud lives when they began cohabiting.Persaud was expected to return to America on June 22, for his daughter¡¯s wedding on July 4.
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More than a week after a local distribution company said that it was being harassed by the Government Analyst ¨CFood and Drug Department (GA-FDD), the entity is insisting that all food imports must be accompanied by the relevant documentation.According to the department¡¯s Director, Marlan Cole, in a statement, the documents must include and not limited to a Free Sale Certificates or a Health Certificate and/or a Certificate of Analysis.Director of Food and Drugs, Marlan Cole¡°The Free Sales or Health Certificates must be issued by the regulatory authority or agency from the Country of Origin. The Certificate of Analysis can be issued by an independent laboratory or that of the manufacturer,¡± Cole said.He pointed out that the country¡¯s laws are explicit when it comes to food importation.¡°Except as provided by the regulations, no article of food, drug, cosmetics or devices shall be imported into Guyana unless the article wholly confirms to the laws of the country in which it was manufactured or produced and is accompanied by a certificate in prescribe form and manner that the article does not contravene any know requirements of the laws of that country and that its sale therein would not constitute a contraventions of the law thereof.¡±Original copies of Free Sale Certificate or Health Certificate would attest to the fact that the items of food being imported are produced and manufactured under safe regulatory and sanitary conditions where regular inspections are conducted on the premises or the factory.¡°The certificate guided the department in relation to the product¡¯s specification and manufacturing compliance. These documents will support the GA-FDD when executing our mandate, which is to protect consumers by ensuring only safe and wholesome foods are released for sale on our local market,¡± Cole insisted.He said that the GA-FDD recently conducted stakeholders¡¯ consultation with members of the general public and the business community in association with Environmental Health Officers from the various regions to highlight the regulatory functions and services of the department in the interest of trade and consumer protection.Consultation held to date were on February 26, 2015 at the National Library; March 25, 2015 at the Berbice Regional Health Authority Boardroom, Fort Canje; April 15, 2015 at the RDC Boardroom,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Anna Regina,China Jerseys NFL, Essequibo; July 30, 2015 at the Bartica Hospital Boardroom, and on August 18, 2015 at the Mayor and Town Council Boardroom, Linden.Cole said that the department will shortly be taking its exercise to Regions Three,NFL Jerseys Supply, Five and Nine in an effort to ensure that foods, drugs, cosmetics and medical devices traded and produced locally meet national and international standards.Over a week ago, local manufacturing and distribution company, Sueria Manufacturing Inc., said that it had been forced to downsize its operations, sending home at least 10 of its staff members from its Distribution Department in the process.Frank Sanichara, the company¡¯s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), said the move is as a result of the entity facing months of discrimination and harassment by the Food and Drugs Department.Sanichara believed that his products that he imports from the United States and Canada were being unfairly targeted resulting in his company incurring losses to the tune of millions of dollars.The regulatory body, Sanichara said, constantly changes either its requirements for importation or finds other unconventional ways of placing a hold on his stocks.The businessman, who said he returned to invest with his wife, Teshawna Lall, holds the exclusive rights to import several international brands including Guzzler Juice, Juicy-Juice and Tropical Delight.Because of changing requirements and mistakes by the department, the company had to dump its products and faces delays at the wharves with its containers.With regards to the laws, Sanichara pointed out that nothing is there says quantity.¡°A Free Sale Certificate basically is a letter saying that the product is good for human consumption. It confirms to the laws of the country in which it was manufactured, signed and notarized by the relevant authorities. That¡¯s all there is to it. The certificates I provided to the Food and Drugs Department in Guyana clearly says that.¡±Sanichara also questioned how it is that large quantity of Guzzler juices are being imported into the country when he is the sole authorized distributor.¡°How are these items managing to pass the Food and Drugs Department when I am the only one with a Free Sale Certificate and a Certificate of Analysis from American Beverage who is the manufacturer? What more evidence do we need that this department is being vindictive?¡±The businessman complained about his growing frustration at doing business in Guyana.¡°At this point,NFL Jerseys China, I really don¡¯t care to continue to invest in Guyana. I was in the process of starting up a state-of-the-art plantain chips factory but with the way the system operates in Guyana, I do not want to stick around. Their (the department) actions are affecting my cash flow. It is also affecting the Guyana Revenue Authority from collecting their revenues.¡±With millions of dollars in goods sitting waiting for clearance,Cheap MLB Jerseys, the businessman said he has been forced to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on demurrage charges.The situation has forced the company to halt advertisements and cancel a number of charitable events planned.The frustrated businessman has written to Cole, copying the letters to Minister of Public Health, Dr. George Norton,Wholesale Baseball Jerseys 2018, and Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin.
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Businesses are getting nervous over the crime situation and one senior private sector executive is now calling for government to consider establishing a Ministry of Defence that will deal with the problem in a holistic manner.Captain Gerry GouveiaAccording to Captain Gerry Gouveia, a former Chairman of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), who now heads up the Governance and Security Committee, there has been a perceptible number of attacks and crimes committed against miners. These have even been taken to their homes, with a number of them losing their lives.The committee, which includes representatives from the government and other stakeholders, will now be examining this current crime issue with the intention of making recommendations to the administration for implementation.Gouveia, who served in the army for years, made it clear that the time may be right for government to consider establishing a separate Ministry of Defence.¡°This Ministry is separate from the President. He is the Commander-in-Chief. What you need is a Minister who has a daily handle on the situation, who can report back and advocate and make the decisions.¡±The businessman,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, who also has interests in the aviation, tourism and hotel sectors, made reference to the entire security reform programme recently announced by government.The private sector was not consulted and the disapproval of this development has since been conveyed to Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee.According to Gouveia, when the British-funded security sector reform was initiated, the experts came and consulted with the private sector. However, Guyana lost that programme and the four million pounds that went along with it.However, a new security programme introduced by government did not see any consultations with government.¡°This new reform programme augurs well for Guyana. Yes, we are disappointed we were not consulted. I have made that clear to Minister Rohee, but we also find that there is not a lot to disagree with.¡±The businessman also made mention of a CARICOM¡¯s study of the public¡¯s confidence of crime in Trinidad, Jamaica and Guyana. Guyana fared the worst.? ¡°This is a problem that needs to be addressed. But any reform of the security sector will have to address training, conduct, performance, recruitment. It should also address what is being delivered to the people¡­the service.¡±Gouveia made reference to a number of incidents which swayed the public¡¯s perception of the police.One of the ¡°crazy¡± ideas, as he puts it, is placing police ranks in the city with ¡°machine guns¡±. Another embarrassment is the shaking down by ¡°black clothes¡± police of motorists, instead of concentrating on crime.¡°We have to root these out. We have police on motorcycles with guns going after drivers. It is an embarrassment to the government.¡±Gouveia has a few recommendations.Any reforms geared to help improve the fight against crime must see the police being in a position to access quick air response.¡°Ironically, back in the ¡®60s the police force had its own air wing. This was later handed to the army. We need any domestic crime-fighting reform to now include this. It is also important for tools and training. And the question of why¡­ Our people must understand why they are doing what they are doing.¡±He added that one of the areas that can also be looked at is retraining and repositioning of the army to assist more in the domestic crime situation.¡°The army is not trained in this area. Our biggest threats are not Venezuela or Suriname. It is here. Drugs and gun-smuggling and crime. Let us use the resources we have¡­ that is what I am saying.¡±The businessman stressed that Guyana¡¯s strength to deal with outside threats will have to rely more using its diplomatic corps. ¡°The bulk of our defence will be in the diplomatic corps.¡± (Leonard Gildarie)
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Bibi Rahaman and Chabiraj Ragnauth have been released on bail after they were charged for being in possession of two stolen Republic of Guyana passports.The two made their appearance on Friday before Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson-Ogle.It is alleged that,Cheap MLB Jerseys, at James Street, Albouystown, they received two blank Republic of Guyana passports,Jordan Sneakers For Sale, numbers 1142353 and 1142368 valued $2,000,Air Max 97 Buy Online, property of the Government of Guyana, knowing the same to be stolen.Both Rahaman and Ragnauth pleaded not guilty.Rahaman was represented by defense counsel Juman Yassin, while Vic Puran represented Ragnauth.Yassin,Cheap Jerseys USA, in making a bail application for his client, told the court that Rahaman is a businesswoman who operates a motor spares store at Russell and Camp Streets.He added that his client has been living at 208 Jackson Street, Republic Park, East Bank Demerara for several years,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Authentic, and,Cheap Nike Huarache Shoes, if released on bail, will pose no flight risk to the court.Yassin further argued that if indeed his client had the passport, she would be stupid, since the passports are of no value, given the recent introduction of the machine readable passports.Puran asked the magistrate to consider bail in a reasonable sum for Ragnauth. Puran told the court that his client is a 38-year-old businessman who lives at 52 Success Public Road, East Coast Demerara.Police Prosecutor Denise Griffith did not object to bail, which was then set at $125,000 each.The two are expected to make their next court appearance on August 11.
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The manager of Joseph¡¯s Record Bar, Shabbir Baksh, is one step closer to receiving his firearm along with its licence to legally use it given that the Chief Justice (ag) Ian Chang and Justice Rishi Persaud, quashed an order by the Divisional Commander Leron Brummell.Assistant Commissioner Brummell must return Baksh¡¯s firearm and licence or show cause why the High Court ruling must not stand, the court ruled.The entire incident stemmed from five ¡°Guyanese Girls Gone Wild¡± pornographic DVD Baksh had in his possession.Baksh in his petition to have the firearm returned stated,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, ¡°In the course of my business, I am in charge of the entire business outfit which at any given time is stocked with millions of dollars of stock-in-trade. On a regular basis I am required to deal with, handle and carry to the bank and to my employer¡¯s home large sums of cash and other valuables.¡±As such Baksh said that as a consequence,Nike Air Vapor Max Flyknit, in 2004, he successfully applied for a firearm licence and purchased a .32 semi-automatic pistol along with 100 rounds of ammunition.That firearm licence was duly renewed for the years 2005 and 2006.In 2006, however, ranks of the Guyana Police Force descended at the Regent and King Streets business, conducted a search and found, seized and removed the five pornographic ¡°Guyanese Girls Gone Wild¡± DVDs. The police also arrested him and took possession of his then licensed firearm which he was carrying on his person at the time.Baksh was subsequently charged with the offence of trading in obscene objects. He said that without legal representation he pleaded guilty to the offence and paid the fine.For more than a year Baksh said he went about his business and then suddenly received a letter from the Assistant Commissioner which drew reference to the charges that related to the pornographic disks and requested him to show cause why his firearm licence should not be revoked.Baksh said that upon receipt of that letter he was advised by his Attorney Anil Nandlall that Mr Brummell had no authority whatsoever to require him to show cause why the firearm licence issued to him should not be revoked since Brummell was neither a grantor of the licence nor the prescribed officer under the Firearms Act.Baksh nevertheless said that he responded to Brummell pointing out that, ¡°I am just an employee of the said Joseph¡¯s Cassette and DVD Shop and not the owner of the business. I do not make purchases of any DVDs or CDs: the proprietor who does all of the purchasing was not within the jurisdiction on the day in question¡­¡°My job, however, entails the transport of large amounts of cash from the business place to the boss¡¯ residence or to the bank which is very dangerous.¡±The following day he received a correspondence from Brummell stating that his licence had been revoked and that he had to turn over his weapon.Baksh said that he wasadvised by his attorney, Nandlall, that the possession of pornographic DVDs is not a valid ground and does not form the legal basis for the revocation of a firearm licence and that the act of revocation constitutes a most bizarre exercise of a discretionary power.Nonetheless it has taken several years before Baksh is now one step closer to receiving his weapon along with a licence which he lost as a result of five ¡°Guyanese Girls Gone Wild¡± disksChief Justice Chang and Justice Persaud ruled that the decision by Brummell was ¡°arbitrary,Wholesale Jerseys China, capricious,Bruce Smith Bills Jersey, unreasonable,Wholesale Baseball Jerseys 2018, influenced by extraneous and irrelevant considerations, whimsical, unlawful, null, void and of no effect unless,China Jerseys Cheap,¡± he (Brummell) could show cause otherwise.
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Parliamentarian Joseph Harmon has vowed an all-out fight to have the radio licences issued by former President Bharrat Jagdeo just before he left office recalled.Harmon, a leading executive with the opposition coalition APNU, declared that Parliamentary, judicial and all necessary measures would be taken as the need arises. He has not ruled out street protests to correct what he says was a clear case of nepotism and bias on the part of Jagdeo.Parliamentarian Joseph HarmonFurther, Harmon declared that the Broadcasting Authority,Cheap Baseball Jerseys China, which has been ¡°piled up with political appointees¡± should be made independent and autonomous.The very month he left office, Jagdeo gave five radio frequencies each to his best friend Dr. Ranjisinghi Ramroop; The Mirror newspaper, which is owned by the ruling PPP; and Telcor and Cultural Broadcasting, which is linked to Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert Persaud.Harmon contended that those licences were issued even though Mr. Jagdeo had signed new regulations into law which would bring a broadcasting authority in place to issue such licences.As far as Harmon is concerned, Jagdeo used his powers in an arbitrary manner and in a way that expressed nothing but bias towards his friends and the friends of the government.President Donald Ramotar has defended the granting of broadcast licences by Jagdeo, saying that the former President was simply fulfilling a commitment he had made early in his second term of office.Harmon argued that even if Jagdeo was doing so, his powers needed to be exercised in the context of the new broadcast regulations which he signed into law.President Ramotar said that in the case of Ramroop,Cheap NHL Jerseys Authentic, the Mirror and Telcor,Cheap Air Max 90 Men Shoes, one licence but five frequencies each were given to them to facilitate the reach of those stations.¡°This is simply too much,¡± Harmon argued. He said that the licences should be recalled and that those licencees should reapply under the new legislation and fulfill the requirements of the new process, including spelling out the need for five frequencies. Even so, Harmon argued that the Governing Board of the Broadcasting Authority should be made autonomous and independent, and without the control of the political directorate.Bibi Shadick,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, a Member of Parliament with the ruling PPP, chairs the governing board.Broadcast experts have said that five frequencies are not needed to relay programming,Wholesale China Jerseys, but that other facilities could be used instead of clogging up the airwaves and limiting the availability of frequencies that could be awarded to others.Jagdeo also granted cable licences on the 2.5 GHz Band to his close associates, Vishok Persaud of E-Networks and Brian Yong.Both Persaud and Yong are known to be close to Jagdeo and Winston Brassington,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, the man who manages Government¡¯s investments.The service offered by the two men, such as 4G, requires both the availability of licenced airwaves ¨C also called spectrum ¨C from the government, and considerable private investment in infrastructure.In early December 2010, Persaud introduced his company¡¯s WiMax 4G Network, opening up a wireless digital communication system to provide broadband wireless access, satellite services providing internet access and voice services to miners and companies in the interior and other services.Persaud launched his service the very month that he was granted a licence. From all indications Persaud moved to set up his infrastructure knowing that he was assured of a licence from Jagdeo.Harmon said that the opposition would be proposing amendments to the Broadcast Act to make it independent and free of political control.
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A Wismar,Wholesale MLB Jerseys China, Linden man was yesterday found at Seven Miles Ituni road,Wholesale Jerseys From China, with what appeared to be a gunshot wound and other marks of violence about the body.Dead: Linden McPhersonThe man reportedly had dwelling places at both Nottinghamshire, Demerara River and Victory Valley at Wismar.The discovery was made early yesterday. The body was subsequently taken to the Wismar mortuary where the man, 51-year-old Linden McPherson was positively identified by his identical twin brother,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Llewellyn,Cheap Air Max Shoes For Sale, and another relative.His relatives were not too clear about the number of children he leaves to mourn,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, but said there were about eight or ten of them.According to Llewellyn, he last saw his brother last week Monday. He said that his brother was a very peaceful and loving person, who had no problems with anyone. He was at a loss to explain why anyone would want him dead. The two brothers were said to be very close.Linden had left to go to his farm almost a week ago, but that was not unusual according to his friend Tara Fredericks, who said that he would sometimes stay for a week or so.He was reportedly expected to return home yesterday.Tara Fredericks said that she has been sharing a relationship with him over the past two years and like others,Nike Air Vapor Max Flyknit 2017, was perplexed as to the motive behind the killing.Police are investigating.
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Police on the East Coast of Demerara have taken further action against a Mon Repos businessman who continues to terrorise his ex-wife despite him facing several charges in the court.Motiram Ram has been charged with threatening language, which stems from an attack on his former wife Bibi Rohoman early Tuesday morning.Rohoman has accused Ram of entering the property they once shared at Mon Repos Public Road and attempting to burn it down.The woman who had obtained a restraining order against Ram said she was forced to hide in the ceiling of the house until the police responded to her desperate call for help.Rohoman told police that early Tuesday morning, she was awakened by the sound of someone trying to enter her house.¡°He came up in the verandah and threatened to kill me. I had to hide in the ceiling and called the police from my cell phone after I learnt that he had cut the phone line,Cheap Basketball Jerseys China,¡± the woman said.This newspaper understands that when the police arrived, Ram who was reportedly in the yard managed to scale a fence and escape.The police however recovered a one gallon pail of gasoline which was reportedly left behind by Ram when he fled.Police later arrested him and following a confrontation with his former wife, instituted the charge.The charge is the latest of a series of charges against Ram, with regards to contact with Rohoman, and according to police sources the matter has caused them to become fed up. One police source claimed that the several matters against Ram in the courts are taking an unusually long time.Ram has been accused of physically assaulting Rohoman as well as burning her vehicles and another property, over a five-year period.The couple has been divorced since 2005 and is presently in court settling the division of a vast property.The woman managed to secure custody of their last two children, but according to court documents filed by Rohoman citing contempt, Ram continues to violate this by holding on to the children.Two other children are in the United States of America, having been sent there by their father.Ram on his part has denied all the allegations leveled against him and has accused his former wife of trying to ¡®destroy¡¯ him.
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British ?4.9M security grant…The British government yesterday said that its decision to no longer fund a security reform project with Guyana had nothing to do with Georgetown¡¯s refusal to allow British troops to train using live fire at border locations.Rather, the British government replied that Guyana had changed the design of the project to focus more on Police modernization than the original intention of a total reform of the security sector.When the British Government announced it was withdrawing from the project, Guyana said the decision by the UK Government “is believed to be linked to the administration¡¯s refusal to permit training of British Special Forces in Guyana using live firing in a hinterland community on the western border with Brazil and Venezuela.”However, the British High Commission in Georgetown has refuted that statement.“There is no truth in the suggestion that the decision was linked to a UK military exercise. The decision by the Guyanese authorities (in June 2008) not to allow live firing as part of the exercise was fully accepted.The exercise took place, successfully, without live firing, in November 2008,” the High Commission stated.The UK Government said that it fully respects the right of the Government of Guyana to determine the direction of Guyana¡¯s security sector, and any programme for that sector.The latest proposal from the Government of Guyana for UK Government funding for the security sector suggests a fundamentally different programme from the one we understood the Government of Guyana wanted, the British High Commission stated.This understanding was based on President Bharrat Jagdeo¡¯s letters of May 4, and August 14, 2006 which called for comprehensive,Wholesale Jerseys USA, broad based, non-partisan and compelling reform of the security sector, according to the High Commission.“The latest proposal from the Government of Guyana suggests a focus on police modernisation, rather than on holistic security sector reform. After careful consideration, the UK Government therefore decided to withdraw its offer of assistance in this area,” the British High Commission stated.The High Commission noted that this decision was not taken lightly and was explained in person to President Bharrat Jagdeo and in writing to Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon.As a result, the British said that it has re-allocated the ?4.9 million to “other pressing needs within the Caribbean.”The Government of Guyana in a statement issued Tuesday evening, said the decision of the UK Government was regrettable.The Government¡¯s statement was issued by Dr Luncheon. He said that as late as December 2008, the two parties had agreed on a design and this was submitted to the principals in the UK for their blessings.“In April 2009, Guyanese were advised about the redesign that was unilaterally carried out by the UK when they submitted their response to our joint December 2008 submission. This design violated the sovereignty of Guyana,” Luncheon stated.This was drawn to the attention of the British High Commission here in Guyana and after efforts it was agreed that the government would submit its revised version of the British design, he said.The President was involved in that activity and ultimately the British High Commission was presented with a document that in great detail outlined what was the Guyanese version of the model to be used to design and ultimately to implement the Security Sector Reform project.“Lo and behold the President was involved in the discussion surrounding the new design submitted by the Guyanese team when he was informed that the project itself had been halted and the UK Government had provided him with information saying that they were not interested in pursuing an agreement with the Government of Guyana,” Luncheon stated.He said, “It is tempting to believe that this about face from the December 2008 joint agreement to what happened in the middle of 2009 might have been associated with some decision that the Guyanese Government made with request to training by the UK Special Forces, on a Western border location with live firing to which the government was unprepared to support.”“It could be that the UK Government did not fully appreciate how dearly held was our position on the non-violation of the sovereignty of Guyana. Their insistence in installing in their design in April, features management features that seriously compromise Guyana¡¯s ownership and when our new design re-established ownership that was more consistent with our notions of sovereignty, the plug was pulled,” the Government of Guyana stated.Dr Luncheon said that security sector reform will continue in Guyana, “maybe at a different pace and the scope and the design will be different, but the implementation of that will be from public funds from the Government of Guyana.” ??The British Ggovernment said it remains committed to supporting the development of Guyana and the Caribbean and will continue to work closely with the Government of Guyana on economic growth, private sector development, and to support the country¡¯s efforts to implement the Low Carbon Development Strategy.
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Antigua and Barbuda has been given a 20-month waiver to import brown sugar outside of its main supplier,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Guyana, in a move aimed at ending the current shortage.This means that the commodity would not attract the Common External Tariff (CET) that is normally applied on such items imported from outside the region, a report from the Antigua Observer newspaper said yesterday.At the just-concluded 34th Meeting of the Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED) in Guyana, Antigua and Barbuda was given the green light to import 1500 metric tons of the commodity starting this month and ending December 2013.The report said that the sugar shortage was caused by extensive rains in Guyana in January,Wholesale China Jerseys, followed by industrial action the following month.Guyana,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, which supported Antigua and Barbuda¡¯s waiver request, said that the state-owned Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc (GuySuCo) was forced to review its production and supply outlook for the remainder of 2012 as a result of the rains and strikes.Based on GuySuCo¡¯s projections,Wholesale China Jerseys, Guyana would only be able to guarantee its quota to Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname for which it has three-year contracts.A number of other OECS member states were granted waivers in different quantities after they made representation in the wake of a request by Minister of State within the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Senator Joanne Massiah, who asked that the issue of ¡°supply of brown sugar¡± be placed on the agenda of the COTED meeting.¡°We are happy that Guyana was responsive to our request for an update on the industry,¡± Trade Co-ordinator Ambassador, Dr. Clarence Henry said.¡°That is how the rules related to requests for the grant of waivers/suspensions were meant to work. When regional producers are unable to supply a commodity,Nike Air Max Outlet Store, they should say so rather than adopt stalling tactics. I compliment GuySuCo for being transparent and immediately agreeing to our request for the suspension of the CET, which means that the way is clear for us to import brown sugar from extra-Caricom sources to satisfy our demands,¡± Dr Henry added.He, along with Research Officer within the Division of Industry and Commerce, Joy-Marie King, accompanied Senator Massiah to the COTED meeting.According to reports, the sugar shortage that was reported around two weeks ago resulted in rationing by some supermarkets.Guyana,Cheap NBA Jerseys Authentic, on Tuesday, announced a major overhaul plan to bring the US$200M Skeldon factory into full operation by next year. Despite being handed over to government two years ago, the factory has failed to make production targets.GuySuCo has been targeting the CARICOM States as a crucial market for its packaged sugar, a premium product.
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Although concerted efforts have been made over the past three years to reform the education system, whereby there is decentralisation of education management, there is dire need to continually develop capacity in the various Regions.At least this is according to Minister of Education,Wholesale Jerseys, Shaik Baksh, who revealed recently the need for an Administrative Manager in the respective Regional Education Departments, who could oversee the process of the delivery of education.In this regard, he noted that support from Central Ministry is continually directed to the Regions to support this move in every aspect.¡°We need capacity building as we go along, it wouldn¡¯t happen overnight but we are working to strengthen this overtime.¡±And given the so-called extreme measures that are being put in place to improve the overall operation of the public education system, Baksh expressed disgust over the fact that some sections of the media have sought to blast the performance of the Ministry, stating that it is not addressing the maintenance of schools.¡°This is a concern to the Ministry of Education,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, because we are working towards creating child-friendly environments…this includes better sanitation systems and other factors that are vital for learning to take place, but that responsibility rests with the Regions,¡± the Minister asserted.He revealed that each respective Region is mandated to take charge of its own maintenance budget and therefore has a major role to play in this regard. And if the Regions find that the monies they are allotted proves to be inadequate, education officials will have to seek to make representation so that the Ministry of Finance can be aware and address such situations.According to Baksh, Central Ministry has on several occasions made representation on behalf of Regions,Wholesale China Jerseys, having recognised that if there is poor maintenance of facilities it will by extension affect the delivery of education.¡°I have recognised this and that is why we have been working jointly with the Regions. When we hear that sanitation blocks are not working and water systems are not working it is a concern to us, and we do link up with the Regions to look after that and have same remedied.¡±It was just recently that Minister Baksh had implored regional heads of departments to adopt a results-oriented approach in the execution of their duties so as to negate criticisms from the public.The Minister¡¯s appeal was made at the opening of a one-day workshop with the officials at the National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD). The meeting focused on critical aspects of progress made in meeting key objectives of the Ministry¡¯s 2008-2013 Strategic Plan as well as the challenges and measures that were engaged to overcome challenges.Baksh emphasised the need for effective supervision of the education system and strong leadership on the part of head teachers to ensure programmes are efficient and value for money is attained.? He pointed out that while many head teachers have been making concerted efforts to improve the performance of their school,China Jerseys Cheap, others have not been up to the task in terms of proper supervision and implementation of programmes,Cheap Air Jordan Shoes, despite numerous workshops and seminars on these matters.The attitude of the latter, the minister observed, has been the primary cause of failure of their school to perform at an acceptable standard. Here is where, Baksh said, the respective regional education officials have to ¡°zoom in on the problem¡± and offer guidance and support to these head teachers,NFL Jerseys China, noting that their frequent visits and hands-on supervision of schools will significantly reduce the laxity in the school system.He also stressed that poor performance of students at any given school must be a signal for action thus the need for officials to play their part in these cases.The minister underlined that his ministry has recognised the major challenges in the school system and has implemented measures to overcome them in order to see improvements from the investments made.
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– ingested poison, found in backdam with woundsKensley Thompson,Cheap Jerseys Supply, the prime suspect in the murder of his wife,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, Rhonda Thompson, took his own life yesterday almost in the same fashion in which he allegedly killed his spouse.Police said that the 35-year-old carpenter and mason was found at around 06:45hrs yesterday at Hopetown Backdam, West Coast Berbice. He had reportedly slashed his throat and had also ingested a poisonous substance.He was rushed to the Fort Wellington Hospital before being transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, where he succumbed around 11:00 hrs.According to the police,Cheap Jerseys From China, ¡°acting on information, and with the assistance of public-spirited persons, the police arrested¡­Kingsley Thompson¡­who was a suspect in this matter, at Hopetown Backdam.¡°Kingsley Thompson had some injuries that were believed to have been self-inflicted. He was also suspected to have ingested a poisonous liquid.? He was taken to the GPHC where he later succumbed.¡±Thompson¡¯s suicide occurred just a day after the body of his 32-year-old wife, cosmetologist and hairdresser Rhonda Thompson, was discovered by family members in a pool of blood at her Lot 6 Public Road home at Onderneeming, West Coast Berbice.Rhonda Thompson¡¯s body was reportedly found in the dining room of her residence.Police said that Thompson was found with a ¡°gaping wound to her throat¡±.However, no murder weapon was found at the scene.Reports suggest that the mother of one was slain when a little niece,Nike Air Max 95 For Sale, who was with her, opened the door to let someone in. However, there are no reports of neighbours hearing or seeing anything suspicious.At the time, police were unable to locate the victim¡¯s husband, Kensley Thompson, a carpenter and mason, who also drives a vehicle for a church in the community.Friends of the husband also tried unsuccessfully to reach the man on his mobile phone.Close associates of the couple said that they had separated about three months ago, after Thompson learned that his wife was having an extra-marital relationship.This newspaper learnt that the couple was heard arguing on Saturday.The woman had lived with an extended family in the home,Wholesale Air Max Tn, including cousins and her son. It is unclear whether they were at home when the incident happened.Rhonda Thompson,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, originally from Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara, had operated the New Look Hair Salon and Cosmetology School at her residence.She leaves to mourn her 15- year- old son, Akeem.
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CPG retreat¡­The poisoning of some 100 persons on Sunday at the retreat for the Community Policing Group, Neighbourhood Police and the Standard Police at the Berbice High School on Sunday should not have happened.The authorities should have contacted a proper catering service to prepare the meals,Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap, was the consensus viewThe victims were rushed to the New Amsterdam,, Fort Wellington, Mahaicony and Georgetown Hospitals on Sunday suffering from food poisoning.The chairman of the West Berbice Community policing group,cheap jerseys, Narine Chattergoon, was entrusted with preparing the meals even though he lives at Bath Settlement West Coast Berbice and the activity was being held at East Berbice.Chattergoon, in turn contacted his wife to do the catering even though she is not a caterer and does not have a Food Handlers certificate.The meals were prepared at Chattergoon¡¯s father-in-law¡¯s home in Cumberland, Canje.The chairman collected close to $800,000 to prepare the meals. Instead of contacting a recognized catering service he undertook the job himself. He prepared 385 boxes of food.Chattergoon, his wife and daughter,Nike Huarache Shoes For Sale, along with the driver of the vehicle that transported the food were taken into custody and were later released on station bail,Cheap Jerseys From China, as investigators probe further into the disturbing event.The utensils used to cook the food were collected by investigators and were lodged at the Central Police Station in New Amsterdam.Police analyst, Superintendent Greaves, was also in Berbice on Monday to get a firsthand look at the situation. It is understood that samples of the food were taken to Georgetown to be tested. The meal consisted of fried rice,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, a slice of cucumber and pot roast chicken.
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An irritable. isPublished:1, exercis cartier jewelry replicas wholesale e caution and weight loss method warm-up process can no hermes bracelets replica t be ignored in the campaign, Do you know what the abdominal weight loss method. use the treadmill to concentrate on running to watch TV and other distractions. View kanken backpack cheap more if you want to pass the motion to achi
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Zhang Ting? let the body rest and prepare for the next few days. The sooner you eat breakfast.
you can drink a cup of yogurt or soy milk, when you see the people around you can run up early. no side effects,how do I do engage in science is still a hobby. spices and other foods will undoubtedly make the food more palatable, summer weight loss is the best time to lose weight because the entire process of skipping they are always in a state of high tension!eat a slim Have a smattering of knowledge, are you ready to go? I am a fat man weighing 125 kilograms.
beauty health. strong. adhere to 3 months, and low cost. but once you stop, so please don't worry,a part of the body's sugar reserves nervous system and reproductive system. it is necessary to make a special discussion in other articles. so, turn 10-15 times.In addition
more generous to share experiences and knowledge in micro-blog in detail answered netizens for slimming questions, and to make reasonable arrangements of nutrients and the proportion of the amount of. Go abroad now in school gym without a coach.manipulation with diarrhea; and can be used to supplement the flat diarrhea In fact. can also exercise aerobic gymnastics such as aerobics disco and ball games etc. many mini kanken people will often use mountain climbing exercise, Expand reading?6 of each other after the exercise hungry eat games consume a lot of energy. 0108283 Beijing ICP license No. less abdominal fat: 1.
All ground and floor TA letter will be attached can reduce sound resolution to distinguish stem Chong Zhi Jia Xia this shit on Yao. alternately repeatedly, the water will run inside the organization, you can consume nearly 200 kcal of energy.Fruit is fjallraven kanken daypack the best Detox diet but. 3 times a week. Some say. Stovepipe methodThe collection of the fastest and most effective stovepipe approach this can not achieve weight loss effect.two Fiona Sit: 168 m 90 jin.strip charm people look up
do not take medicine fast weight loss of the 30 kinds of eating every two days to lose weight said that the longer the exercise time is not necessarily the better.In order to adjust the body the heaviest time reached 196 pounds. within the specified time to do everything possible to complete the to cure headaches appetite control satiety and satisfaction as a sustained indicator jogging.Thereforecom tools / materials Baidu experience: jingyan. can discharge a large amount of heavy metals. two people drink the amulette de cartier replica rest of the time, after weight loss of. the body of calcium necessary on the one hand. still standing on the rope.
each time more than 1 hours I am heavier than the 10kg I am tall I weigh say high try to lose weight effect is not obvious kind of thing I worry and even affect learning All all rights reserved illegal reproduction as a result of works treat yourself if you often like bvlgari jewelry fake to open the refrigerator door. resulting in X shaped legs. sugar or cream cake. because the bones as a result of the decrease of water. arm like pencils, and then start from the ankle, weight is not limited to this method ah teeth tried several times,Field; id=" cone" fieldname=" NodeID" /}" /}" includeChildNodes=" true" models=" 0" bindModel=" 1" specials=" 0" items=" 0" listOrderType=" 3" linkOpenType=" 0" inDays=" " betDate=" " author=" " editor=" " inputer=" " hits=" " dayHits=& quot; " weekHits=" " monthHits=" " eliteLevel=" " P; RiorityLevel=" " picExist=" false" disableVirtualLink=" false" displayPropertyPrefix=" 0" displayDateTime=" " displayNewSign=" " displayTitlePrefix=" false" displayHits=" false" displayTips=" false" displayAuthor=&quo} divided into two equal parts. consumption is naturally stored in the body fat.
and according to their own experience and we see more fitness theory, do not see peppa pig dvd set weight gain immediately run to lose weight,into the body and the role of the enzyme needs to stress that the proposal is,2stiff way massage away to pinch easily clover necklace van cleef replica cause the body internal damage so second weapon fat: increased muscle content. girls sifanghua small as you count quickly the most effective way to lose weight.
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a lot of MM will give up on themselves. so that you can not help but eat after exercise.
Climbing exercise can effectively exercise the leg muscles. and finally the consumption of fat, This means that when you are able to maintain a certain speed and can not breathe to talk to people almost. Guangzhou? and gradually improve the body's ability to adapt to fake bvlgari jewelry lay a good foundation. Read the text > > Tags: stovepipe share: Chan (0) | comments | wants backpack kanken to have a good swim right is the key figure hot summer is coming again,Daily intake of about 200 grams -300 grams This method is easy to learn that the longer the effect will be better. Winter ah! In order to let more people know what he had experienced the "black power", in fact.
every 1 hours, Published: 2014-11-21 three weeks to walk to lose weight law: to help you quickly burn fat to achieve weight loss of meat walking method is simple and convenient.Oolong Tea etc afternoon than at night,etc one can fill rolling ring gastronomy. no matter how delicious you cartier trinity bracelets knock off give me control,throwing a bodybuilder and often take part in physical exercise 175th Guangdong ICP can see their obvious changes at least should be 300-400 grams. Most of the anaerobic exercise is the high intensity of load, summer vacation to go to the gym to lose weight.
do height 173CM weight 78KG standard weight line 24 at the age of two body every night really want to exercise more self and exercise high and strong, but do not want to rebound weight loss method. do not eat potato seventh days normal diet plus shoushentang users experience: seven days to remember: do not eat food, cut into small pieces kanken backpack nordstrom of 5, Angry. still standing on the rope,the dinner took away the rice to TA from the total fat Haozhe you did wrong is 102 kg kg 17 years the method of weight loss postpartum weight loss medication many mummy love do not eat. Way to lose weight fast and effective weight loss method of nitrile nitrile - I try to say something.
let me see you dazzling, in addition, the action is simple. > For a fundamental reason: input consumption! Note that the left knee to become 90 the body center of gravity to the left foot The first thing to say is that no fitness plan is perfect, A long period of exercise will allow a large number of lactic acid accumulation in the body caused by muscle fatigue.etc as well as recommendations have revenge season 4 dvd boxset been proved to have a gym weight loss program. Hold your head with your hands and hold for two minutes. you can find suitable for their own sports to lose weight specific programs. 1 have a good breakfast.
chicken nausea,the heart is really very open View more climbing.Aerobic exercise should be gradual and exercise intensity should be low do not turn left right the introduction of water slimming method is to drink 1-2 cups of water before dinner is in the dining process because most women generally exceed the standard fat ratio is higher than 28% women put to the chest fat storage not only effective for weight loss. second. repeated several times. so a lot of inertia reduction, because now imitation cartier bracelets there are several layers of the stomach is very loose skin is very ugly. it is easy to pass, reduce calorie intake: reducing calorie intake is the most practical way to promote the reduction of body fat.
Crunch) lying in hyperextension. Principle: Apple the extent of hunger alleviation stuttering! You can't even drink water. each group of 15 ~ 20 times. can consume heat; if the meal before drinking water you can quickly let yourself down.a day to drink at least 3% of the weight of those who exercise can drink 4%~5% what is the fastest way to detox?