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Category Cars
Created 2013-10-21
Owner oxhuvzbci
Title Drunk man yelling obscene policewoman claimed in t
Description 'm in the municipal work,barbour online sale," policewoman desperation colleagues intercom call reinforcements,, the man rushed Now loot policewoman intercom and said,, "You call 110 I will not let you call 110!" will scratch your fingers bleed policewoman,, ran toward the next intersection. Policewoman emphasize it again as the people's police,, the man not only did not listen to discourage, but also on policewoman pushing, verbal abuse,, loud siren read policewoman,mulberry purse sale, policewomen also kept shouting "little sister, little sister." This process lasted about two minutes, during which the man has repeatedly rushed policewoman in front of his nose with a finger pointing to the policewoman said, "You're terrible,cheap barbour jackets,, and I 228 in the Municipal office,, you remember me." Then another male police arrived at the scene, along with two patrol members to be opened. Two police the man back to the police station. Post said that to the police station,womens barbour jacket, the drunken man gradually clear, saying drunk some details do not remember. After police confirmed that the identity of the man: a street holding stability Futian do volunteer,barbour factory shop,, 53 years old. Reporters from Futian police department subsequently confirmed on March 15 that the incident did occur, and afterwards man has policewoman apology. Police politely declined drunken man status.

Broken Yes
Price $ 50,000.00
Promotion level None