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Created 2017-12-07
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Title Cheap Jerseys USA s1go04s4
Description Haiti¡¯s Prime Minister Michel Martelly on Friday participated in his first Caricom meeting with his fellow Caricom heads of Government and later noted that it was indeed an honour for him.But despite this being his first Caricom conference, he is definitely not out of touch with how Caricom works¡ªlengthy talking and less action.The first day of the meeting saw the heads going off on a retreat. However, Martelly was the first to exit the summit and to return to what he says is urgent business at home in Haiti,Wholesale Jerseys USA, that is securing the ratification of his next nominee for Prime Minister.But before leaving we spoke with the Prime Minister who shared the view that Caricom needs to ¡°unite around one project and make it a success¡±. He believes that by doing so, Caricom would set the tone for successes, as the success of one project, despite how small, would lead to the success of another and then another.Martelly went further to suggest that the project could be in any sector, be it foreign politics or agriculture, although he did suggest that the former might be a bit tougher for sovereign states.Martelly explained that the success of at least one project would reinforce and solidify the partnership being pursued in this integration effort.And speaking about integration, the Haitian Prime Minister called on his Caricom counterparts to remove the visa restriction against Haitians.This, he says, is a major issue for his country. He reminded that in a single regional space everyone should enjoy the right to move freely, and Haitians must not be excluded.The problem with free movement for Haitians is that many Caricom countries are fearful that Haitians will migrate in huge numbers and into their territories.Martelly however noted that the problem in Haiti is not one with free movement, but an economic one. He is therefore proposing a solution in the form of agriculture.He believes that Caricom should help Haitians to get back to cultivating their lands thus empowering them economically.This, he says, will help all involved, as it would solve Haiti and Haitians¡¯ economic problems while providing Caricom with food security.In this regard, he stressed the importance for Caricom member-countries to purchase as a matter of priority that which is produced within the region.This song being sung by Martelly however replicates what Guyana has been calling for, for several years, that is, for Caricom to support food production within the region.The Haitian head was also engaged in several other meetings on the side, including one with Caricom¡¯s special representative to Haiti and former Jamaican Prime Minister, P.J. Patterson, to discuss Haiti¡¯s reconstruction efforts.Martelly says that while he is satisfied with his one-day participation in the Caricom summit, he regrets not being there to initiate the discussion on Haiti which is on the heads agenda for today, the second day of the conference.Nevertheless, he is satisfied with some of the discussions he has had on day one, and indicated that they have come up with some great ideas and solutions to some of Haiti¡¯s problems.
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