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Created 2017-12-07
Owner IvwriV69
Title China Jerseys NFL been there with Bharrat Jagdeo
Description By Ralph Seeram Never knew so many people in Guyana had feminists cause at heart; never knew so many people in Guyana cared about violence against women, be it sexual or otherwise, or abused women. This week they all came out of the ¡°woodworks¡± following Health Minister Bheri Ramsaran¡¯s sexist remarks, against Sherlina Nageer.First let me state clearly that Minister Bheri was wrong, regardless if he was provoked or not. His first mistake was to engage in an argument with a woman. Men must understand you can¡¯t win an argument with a woman, especially an aggressive one. If this were two ordinary Guyanese in a street cuss down the remarks would have gone unnoticed. But the Health Minister is no ordinary person, He is a Cabinet Minister, so he has to be held to a higher standard.A politician of all people has to have the ¡°thickest skin¡±,Discount Football Jerseys, as one friend said, a rhinoceros skin. Politicians have to learn how to disarm hecklers, because it¡¯s part of the turf. Some politicians would have listened out Nageer. Let her blow out all her steam, and with a comedic delivery calmly tell her something and walk away. Politics is a rough business, and politicians must be prepared to deal with the ¡°rough and tumble¡± of the job. A Sam Hinds or a Roger Luncheon would have handled it differently.I watched a video of Nageer¡¯s confrontation with the police when protesting in front of the Marriott where she forcefully pulled away herself from a senior policewoman, showing no respect for the officers. She should have been arrested there and then.It¡¯s the ¡°silly season¡± which will end in another two weeks or so. Some time ago I wrote an article on sexual and domestic violence against women in Guyana. I mentioned about women trapped in abusive relationships because of financial and economic circumstances. I appealed for persons or organizations to contact me so that I can inform women what relief or resources are available to them.I got one response, and it was an organization based in Georgetown (don¡¯t they all). It would have been of no help to people in the outlying areas.I see the U. K. Commissioner James Quinn, Canadian High Commissioner Dr. Nicole Giles and the U.S Charge d¡¯Affaires Bryan Hunt all have an opinion on the statement by Dr. Ramsaran. It is nice to know they are very concerned about domestic abuse and sexual violence against women in Guyana.I would like the embassies to collectively pool their efforts to build women shelters in the outlying areas in Berbice, Demerara and Essequibo; places where women can seek refuge from abusive men where they can be cared for,Cheap NFL Jerseys, counseled and protected, where they can be given assistance so they can escape the slavery they are trapped in.And while they are at it, make provisions for teenage victims of sexual abuse, boys and girls. These are the areas the diplomats can make substantial contributions, if they are serious. Press conferences and press releases will not solve the plight of those they profess to advocate for. Turning to a different subject, if you are to believe the opposition, the PPP Prime Ministerial Candidate Elisabeth Harper is afraid to debate Moses Nagamootoo.First of all, in the context of Guyana, debates don¡¯t win elections,Cristopher Toselli Jersey, it just an opportunity to hurl insults and embarrass your opponent. Debates these days are not in the mould of the John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon debates of 1961, where Kennedy turned it to his advantage and went on to defeat Nixon.What is there to be afraid of in debating Nagamootoo? He is the easiest person to debate. He has no credibility. If Nagamootoo had got the PPP nomination for Presidency, he would have been the President and head of the PPP, the same party he is criticizing, the same party that is so evil to him today. Would he have resigned as President if he did not agree with his party?Don¡¯t forget he has been with the PPP for 40 odd years,China Jerseys, been there with Bharrat Jagdeo,China Jerseys Cheap, never heard a peep from him until he lost the PPP nomination, then the PPP became this big bad party. So he jumps to the AFC with demands, got them, then sensing that the PPP might be vulnerable, he made a pitch to the PNC to be the Presidential candidate saying he can pull PPP Indian votes in Berbice. He settled for the Prime Minister slot provided he get some of the Presidential powers.What¡¯s so hard to debate an opportunist like Nagamootoo? It¡¯s always what Moses Nagamootoo wants,DeVante Parker Dolphins Jersey, nothing about the interest about the electorate.All one has to do is collect all his speeches over the years criticizing the PNC and throw them in his face and ask him how he can ¡°be in bed with the same people¡± he despised vehemently all those years, how he can reconcile his position.I can destroy Nagamootoo within minutes of a debate. The man absolutely has no credibility whatsoever.One of the themes of APNU is to forget the past, let¡¯s move forward. APNU is basically the PNC in another form. The PNC has been desperately trying to bury its dictatorial past, trying to get away from that stigma. But APNU and its supporters have been busy on social media putting out negative stories of the PPP going back to the 90¡¯s.Seems like forgetting the past is only a one-way street for them.Personally, I believe everything should be on the table, so next week I will deal extensively with the past so that voters can make an informed decision come May 11.Does the PNC need to apologize for the past? Let¡¯s find out next week.Ralph Seeram can be reached at email: [email protected] and Facebook
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