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Category Hard disks
Created 2017-12-07
Owner IvwriV69
Description The trial into the murder of West Coast Demerara, hairdresser Bibi Rafeena Saymar, is ongoing at the High Court in Georgetown.Troy Green,Charles Aranguiz Jersey, a labourer from Holmes Street,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Georgetown, is indicted for the murder,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, which took place on May 9, 2010.? He is on trial before Justice Navindra Singh and a mixed-twelve member jury.Saymar, who was called ‘Amanda’, was butchered at her Hague, West Coast Demerara apartment; she was stabbed eleven times about her body by a lone intruder and died before receiving medical attention.The woman’s husband, Dennis Persaud, a Canada-based Guyanese businessman was subsequently detained for the murder. There were reports that Persaud had hired a hit man to kill his wife.However, the case against the Canada-based Guyanese collapsed, with Chief Justice (ag) Ian Chang ruling that the court lacked sufficient evidence to charge him. Persaud was subsequently freed.Yesterday, witnesses called upon to testify by State Prosecutor Mercedes Thompson,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, recalled that they heard loud noises coming from the apartment the 23- year old businesswoman and her reputed husband had occupied, in the wee hours of the morning of the incident.Joseph Cummings who had lived next door to the couple told the court that on hearing loud screams coming from the apartment, he peered through a window and saw someone leaving the residence. Cummings said that he subsequently learnt the suspect’s name was Troy Green.Under cross examination by defence attorney, Peter Hugh,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the witness said that he could not recall exactly what the suspect was wearing or what he (Cummings) had told the police since he was traumatized by the entire incident.Cummings nonetheless,NFL Jerseys China, maintained that he saw the man coming down the stairs which led to Saymar’s apartment since there was nothing to block his line of vision at the time.He claimed that there were lights affixed to various parts of the building, which assisted him in getting a clear view of the suspect.Asked whether he was certain of what he saw, Cummings said that he is quite certain that the accused is the person whom he had seen leaving the apartment building early that morning. The witness said that he subsequently called the police.Cummings recounted that the victim’s husband arrived at the scene sometime after the police but appeared reluctant to enter the apartment to check on his wife.Murdered: BibiRafeena Saymar¡°When I approached him¡­. he took his time to park his vehicle and go upstairs.¡± he saidAnother witness, Shereena Madramootoo who lived in the flat below the victim recalled that she had heard noises coming from upstairs.She said Amanda was screaming and stuff sounded like it was being thrown on the floor.The woman said she didn’t think it was strange since the victim and her husband fought a lot. She only realized that something was amiss after her neighbour (Cummings) called out to her.As a result of what Cummings told her, the witness said that she called the police. Madramootoo told the court that when Saymar’s reputed husband arrived on the scene she related to him what had happened but the man took a long time before he ventured upstairs to check on his wife.Madramotoo said that when she went upstairs, she found her neighbour lying in a pool of blood.¡°I saw Amanda lying on her bedroom floor in a pool of blood ¡­I started crying and asked her what’s the matter.¡±The woman said that Amanda was still conscious and responded to her, but her husband hardly seemed concerned about his wife’s condition.¡°He was just shaking his hand walking up and down the house talking to the police telling them that the house get rob and he lost a lot of stuff.¡±The witness said that police subsequently placed the injured woman in her husband’s car and directed him to take her to the hospital since their vehicle had gotten stuck in a drain.Madramootoo said that was the last time she saw her neighbour alive.The trial continues on Monday.
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