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Category Hard disks
Created 2017-12-07
Owner drf6wsda3
Title NFL Jerseys For Sale yqw2ofsd
Description – gives 50 inch Plazma screen to woman who won nothing (By Enid Joaquin in Linden) ¡®Zimm Zimmer¡¯, Oliver Barnes out maneuvered 25 others and found the key to the first Digicel $20M ¡®Bimmer¡¯ (BMW) on Saturday night in an atmosphere of euphoria at the Linden Municipal Bus Park and is giving Digicel and God all the glory for his blessings.While many can sing, ¡°Zimm Zimmer, who got the key to the Bimmer¡±, on Saturday night businessman Oliver Adrian Barnes aged 34 burst into excited waving and jumping when he found the slip that read ¡°Zimm Zimmer you got the keys to the Bimmer¡±.He said ¡°Digicel certainly did pay me back just as the advertisement said and I ain¡¯t going anywhere else. I am sticking to the bigger better network.¡±Prior to the first Bimmer Flex promotion draw, 26 competitors had pocketed $100,000 each and had qualified for Saturday¡¯s draw by spelling BIMMER.Digicel¡¯s Donnovan White hands over the Key to the first Digicel $20M Bimmer, Oliver Barnes (left) on Saturday night. With much entertainment from local artistes and DJs Saturday night, the 26 finalists were led to a massive box filled with inflated balloons at the center of a more than 10,000 crowd and plunged into a frenzied search for as many canisters as possible. Each canister had slips with prizes written on them, and after about 15minutes of searching, Barnes began waving frantically signaling that he had found the slip.The married father of two also produced slips for a 50 inch flat screen Plasma television, $1000 credit and a Digicel cap.The other competitors included one Indian national, and after the entire episode was captured on two huge projector screens, all produced slips for cash and other prizes but Mae Alexandria Fraser the lone Lindener of Grenville St, Wismar found nothing.Barnes couldn¡¯t recall how he ended up with the winning prize.He said that there was a mad scramble, by the contestants and then people were saying, they didn¡¯t have it, so he checked his list of prizes and there it was-he had been holding it in his hand all along without even realising it!He had the keys to the Bimmer, as well as the television set, a cap and a cell phone.The decision to give away the television set was a spontaneous one according to Barnes, who himself a Christian, had unknowingly given away the prize, to another believer.The lucky recipient of that prize, Mae Fraser, said she was indeed blessed and fortunate to have gotten so lucky, as she was the only person among the contestants, who was unable to get anything during the mad rush to find the keys to the Bimmer.She expressed her sincere gratitude to the benevolent young man, who has made her upcoming birthday on Wednesday, a very special one.Barnes said, ¡°All the other competitors had something to take home but my heart went out to the Lindener who was disadvantaged by her age and with prompting from a photographer I decided to give as I had received. So I guess she¡¯s happy now with her Flat Screen Television because I realise that with Digicel everyone wins.¡±The third person to spell Bimmer through the purchase of six $2000 cards, Barnes, a Data Process outsourcing professional said that the $100,000 won for spelling BIMMER came in handy to pay his bills.He said the competition was fair and transparent that allowed for anyone to win ¡°but thank God I did¡±.He also recalled saying a silent prayer for God¡¯s guidance in the right direction before entering the box.¡°Come to think of it, a total stranger from the crowd while I was walking with the rest to the box said to me while I was passing ¡°you are going to win that prize and he was right.¡±He admitted that never in his wildest dreams did he think of Bimmer but after winning he said ¡°I¡¯m the owner of that $20m vehicle and this vehicle is proof that God has got a lot in store for me and this car is telling me that God wants me to come up higher in life¡¯s game.¡±He has not decided what to do with is new found luxury but can¡¯t wait to have it landed in his yard so he can gradually make it part of his life. He said ¡°This is a $20m car, it is like my new trophy and God is indeed good.¡±Barnes lauded Digicel as a great and superior service and advised customers not to give up, but to continue buying the flex cards, which apart from giving them a chance to win the other BMW come September, but will also afford them the opportunity to win other prizes.Digicel¡¯s head of Marketing, Donovan White,China NBA Jerseys, said the response to the promotion was phenomenal, and said he looks forward to giving away the other BMW in September.(Additional reporting by Mondale Smith)
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