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Category Hardware
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Created 2018-01-07
Owner jwen4568
Title Service Life of Equipment in the Process
Description Such as the use of fine-grained crusher first large particle basalt crushed and then joined the coal mine raymond mill, is a kind of economic and can improve the efficiency of a good way to improve the milling. The test results show that when the feed particle size is small, the coal mine Raymond mill is working smoothly, the output is high, the grinding roller and the disc wear. In addition, it is necessary to increase the production and fineness of the coal mine Raymond mill, Force is a good choice, but the loading force is too large there is also the risk of rapid wear of the roller and disc. Under the conditions of meeting the use of raymond mill, the manufacturer should reduce the working speed of the disc and roller. Although a certain range, the increase in speed can increase the yield and efficiency, but when the white mud mill speed exceeds a certain value, not only failed to achieve the aforementioned purpose, but the white mud mill grinding and grinding roller wear Exacerbated, in addition to seriously affect the life of the roller, but also the adverse impact of the life of other parts. Therefore, in improving the service life of roller and grinding method, can not blindly pursue the production and ignore the production of coal mine Raymond mill safety, in improving the coal mine Raymond mill grinding roller and the use of the life of the disc On, or in accordance with the ceramic clay milling equipment manufacturers production specifications and equipment to use the norms to carry out to ensure the safety of production and product quality and stability.
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