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Created 2018-01-11
Owner drf6wsda3
Title NFL Jerseys China xaelcovt
Description By Latoya GilesMinister of Education Priya Manickchand sent a clear warning to errant contractors yesterday as she met with top education officials and key stakeholders of the University of Guyana.The minister issued a stern rebuke to all contractors undertaking works on her ministry¡¯s behalf as she outlined a new dispensation for the future.Manickchand explained to the gathering that the decision was taken after complaints about slipshod works at various facilities were reported. The Minister stated that she taken the decision to make available the contract documents with specifications and details of works to be undertaken to concerned stakeholders.She noted that government and all stakeholders need value for money and urged that any apparent attempt to execute substandard works be reported urgently to remedy the situation. A plea was made for consultants to ensure that works are performed satisfactorily and as specified.It was pointed out that it is difficult to seek redress after consultants sign off on works which are not up to standard.? The minister sought to assure participants that some of the defects on recently rehabilitated buildings at the university would be addressed, where possible.Education Minister, Priya ManickchandMany of the stakeholders lamented the fact that many of the infrastructural works were substandard and complaints were not addressed. Minister Manickchand pledged to look into these matters. Faculty Member Ms Patsy Francis raised several issues which she said she had witnessed,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, including the damaged sewerage system at the University.Another faculty member, Mr. Patrick Etwaroo, who is from Natural Sciences department, made the suggestion to have the Ministry, consultants and faculty members discuss contracts. The Minister noted his observation and said that it was a good initiative, while suggesting that the Building and Works Committee at UG has to meet more often.Manickchand stressed that the University has to ensure that everyone is a part of its meeting so that there is input from all sectors. She further stated that while a lot of people may be unhappy with the quality of work which is done at the University, the onus is on the stakeholders at campus to highlight and report it so that better could be done. Manickchand also pledged to have a hotline number to assist in this regard.They were several issues raised about the safety of students and workers at the university while construction works are ongoing. There was the suggestion by the minister that the contractors should inform faculty members and ensure that signs are placed around so that persons know there is construction going on.Another faculty member highlighted the space issue at the university stating that there is the need for larger classrooms. The minister has since promised to look into that.A call was also made for better student representation on the Building and Works Committee, which is tasked with overseeing infrastructural works at the institution. The minister warned contractors that they face blacklisting for poor work and urged them to ensure that safe practices are implemented.
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