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Category Hard disks
Created 2018-02-13
Owner drf6wsda3
Title Air Max 90 Black And White Womens xaylxram
Description ¡ªremanded to prison The bandit, who was recently shot in his eye by police ranks, will likely spend the remainder of the holidays behind bars, after he was denied bail by Providence Magistrate Alex Moore.Deon Marks, also known as Dondre Forde, 21, made his first appearance at the Providence Magistrate¡¯s Court. Marks of Lot 156 Kaneville and of Lot 3414 Stevedore Housing Scheme, was charged with five counts of armed robbery.The first charge read that on December 13, at Grove Housing Scheme, while in the company of another, and armed with a gun, Marks robbed Cheryl Embarack of an undisclosed quantity of gold jewellery, one cellular phone and one stereo set.He was also charged accused of robbing Colin Semple and his sister of cellular phones to the value of $51,000. This robbery allegedly occurred on December 3, at Grove Housing Scheme.Police Prosecutor, Inspector Michael Grant told the Court that on November 20, in the vicinity of Golden Grove, Marks held Dracaena Melville at gunpoint and relieved her of all her gold jewellery.Marks was also charged for robbing Dracaena¡¯s mother, Jacqueline Melville, of her gold jewellery, her cellular phone and cash valued at $845,000. He was not required to plead to the chargeAdditionally,Air Max 97, the man faced charges for having in his possession an illegal gun with matching ammunition.? It is alleged that on December 3, at Grove Housing Scheme he had a .32 pistol in his possession when he was not the holder of a firearm licence. It was further alleged that Marks had 10 live rounds of .32 ammunition.To these two charges Marks pleaded not guilty.Further, it is also alleged that the father of one, discharged a loaded firearm at Police Rank, Arlington Samuels, with intent to disfigure, maim or cause grievous bodily harm.He was not required to plead to this charge.According to prosecution, Cheryl Embrack was entering her home in the early hours of the morning when she was attacked by two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun. The men took her into the house, and relieved her of one stereo set and one cell phone. While the robbery was in progress, Police Ranks responded in a timely manner and stopped the alleged criminals.The police reportedly came under fire and retaliated, injuring Marks¡¯s eye in the process.?? His accomplice got away.? Marks was then taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) for surgery. Ranks recovered an unlicensed pistol and matching rounds from the crime scene.Police Prosecutor, Inspector Michael Grant objected to bail on the grounds of the nature, seriousness and prevalence of these offences. Also he pointed out that a gun was used in the commission of the robberies.Grant expounded that the gun was sent for an analyst and ballistic test and more charges are likely to be laid against Marks soon.Marks has to make another Court appearance on January 25, 2016.
Type Pc
Price $ 50,000.00
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