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Created 2018-02-13
Owner drf6wsda3
Title Nike Air Max 2018 Mens Shoes szddysfx
Description ¡­as more health personnel and medicine flown into Rupununi While residents of Lethem and its surrounding areas continue to battle flood waters,? more relief is being deployed into the Rupununi by Government, especially through the Ministry of Health, in the form of medicines and health kits.According to Minister of Health, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, the Ministry had been monitoring the situation from the inception and has had daily discussions with the Regional Health Officer (RHO), Dr. Khemraj Khanhai.¡°We have ensured adequate supply of medicines and medical supplies and also have had extra support staff on standby.? In recognising the threat to health, the Ministry of Health immediately mobilised support for the local health department by developing a plan and implementing the response closely with the Civil Defence Commission,¡± the Minister asserted.Though no water-borne diseases or flood-related illnesses have been discovered or reported,Cheap China Jerseys Authentic, the Ministry of Health is continuing to take a proactive approach.In addition to ensuring regular supplies are adequate, additional medicines and other supplies were also sent over the weekend and on Monday, last, with further supplies packed and ready to be sent in when further needs arise.This newspaper was told that the Chief Medical Officer, Director of Regional Health Services, Director of Environmental Health and the Director of Zoonosis are in touch with various health personnel on a daily basis, with RHO Dr. Khanhai having to report to the Minister of Health twice per day (morning and afternoon) to convey information and prognosis of the situation.Two more medics along with one doctor arrived in Lethem yesterday to compliment the staff already on the ground.Kaieteur News understands that the Procurement Officer at the Ministry has been put on alert and that for every shipment sent into the Region there should be 10 flood kits.Minister Ramsammy assured that more than 20 cases of Chloro-Sol (a bleach disinfectant) have been shipped out to the affected areas and arrangements for adequate supllies of ¡®Jeyes Fluid¡¯ have already been made.One major challenge which health personnel are being faced with is the ¡°cold chain¡±, that is, keeping the vaccines and some medication in cold storage areas.During the period when Lethem was without electricity, this factor posed a great problem, and even though power has been restored, persons cannot ¡°fetch refrigerated supplies¡±.Another concern of the Health Ministry is the availability and distribution of potable water and thehealth teams remain committed to working with others in ensuring that this is in adequate supply.This publication was told by the Minister that child health is of utmost importance during this chaotic period and all children under five years of age are being closely monitored by medical officers (this includes children who cross the borders regularly from Brazil).The maternity cases are under observation in Region Nine, with regular check-ups and treatments administered to protect them and their unborn children as well, so that no crisis erupts. When it is deemed appropriate, certain areas such as Aishalton, Lethem and Annai, will benefit from residual spraying and fogging after the water has receded.Residents are also being supplied with antibiotic creams for skin diseases or rashes which may break out due to the flood and the educational work of what should be done at this time and safety tips are being conducted, though it is being related in person by health officials, rather than on television or radio.Minister Ramsammy stated ¡°as it relates to the movement of people and animals from Guyana to Brazil and other sections, our environmental health officers are already monitoring this situationsince it is a great concern in the case of communicable diseases being brought in or carried out.¡±Director of Veterinary Public Health in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Colin James, is working closely with officials from the Ministry of Agriculture.Presently, Regions Seven and Eight are being monitored, with no information of flooding being reported.Kaieteur News was further told that in Region 10, the villages of Kwakwani and Lamp Island have been affected by flooding, with some 40 families to date, reportedly suffering as a result.
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