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Category Hardware
Created 2013-10-04
Owner fiale7m6g5
Title two police officers each with a net gun

In the confrontation with the police two hours later, Luo Taixiang was completely subdued.

For the one case, 9 o'clock that night, the train station Fengcheng temporary stop, the car conductor, marshals immediately call "110" and "120", will be sent to Feng Luo Taixiang City People's Hospital, accompanied by his wife and daughter.

and use the spray and tear gas.

But Luo Taixiang in the process of admission procedures,, suddenly fled from the treatment room.

understand,moncler soldes,

Luo Taixiang though overawed by gunfire, but carrying clubs refused to go ashore.

An hour later, police in the suburbs of a small pond found Luoda Xiang, when he was holding a length of about 2 m tip sticks, hiding in the bushes, flustered.

Currently, the case is under further investigation.

17,, Fengcheng police Luoda Xiang sent to the Third People's Hospital of Yichun City, examination and treatment, but whether he was mentally ill, the hospital has not yet concluded.

After Luo Taixiang be controlled at the aisle between the two compartments, during Luoda Xiang and used to carry nail clippers and other self-mutilation, were marshals stopped.

Under the murderous stranger was actually escaped from the hospital patient Luoda Xiang.

Police discovered by querying the video surveillance data: 10 minutes before the incident, the hospital treated Luotai Xiang fled from the ward, a major crime suspects.

's Hospital,, director of Tu bone a founding bike in the hospital work area

To prevent Luo Taixiang attack or escape for the implementation of the special police, special police captain Liu Chao sky to warn.

Feng City Public Security Bureau immediately start working mechanism Homicide Cases, Municipal Committee, Public Security Bureau Zhong Yong,moncler enfant, political commissar Zhou Xiaoming Chen Zhiqiang, deputy secretary led quickly, winter, and Liu Jian,ugg ֩`, deputy director of the Criminal Investigation elite forces rushed to the scene to work.

brick shed side suddenly hit in the head and died instantly,

Police and Luo Taixiang into stalemate after half an hour, tried to storm.

Behaving strangely: "Wu madman" suspect material original, May 9, Luo Taixiang wives and women on the train from Liupanshui, Guizhou to Guangdong Maoming looking for a job to no avail.

See SWAT team members closer, faster, Luoda Xiang became more restless, he waved a stick to a SWAT team wounded, while police have issued two net gun, covering its exact

From Luo Taixiang demeanor, he simply ignore his wife crying.

6-way police initiated the war, both inside and outside the hospital to conduct an intensive search.

Chi Gun Confrontation: Police fry 2 hours to take into account the suspects were arrested after committing the crime manic spirit, is likely to continue criminal, Fengcheng Police Criminal Investigation Brigade deployed immediately, special patrol unit, police stations and other units nearly a hundred police implementation of the arrest,

Police on Luotai Xiang propaganda, to persuade them to surrender, but Luo Taixiang ignore this end, the police came specially from the hospital to his wife and daughter together to do ideological work, and the couple said in Guizhou dialect, the police simply did not

May 11, Luo Taixiang a train ride from Shanghai and from Maoming, just to find space to sit down, Luoda Xiang suddenly behaving strangely, opposite the passenger's neck tightly jammed, the conductor,, marshals the full stop just let go.

Luoda Xiang will go to the dogs Gong'an wounded and subsequently decided to establish two special police brigade launched the implementation of outflanking arrest, two police officers each with a net gun,, the other players with batons and shields supporter and used tear gas.

Indignity: brick Fengcheng a doctor was shot dead on May 11 at 10 Xu,boutique moncler,, Feng City Public Security Bureau received a public warning: the city People's Hospital,ugg ֩` , director of Tu bone a founding (male, 53 years old) was killed with a brick

bicycle shed in the hospital side of the work area.

According to witnesses, Luo Taixiang fled the hospital side of the work area when the bike shed, holding bricks will be killed just after passing over the wall painted founding fled.

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