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Category Cars
Created 2013-10-09
Owner k2b0l4k7d3
Title Tin factory workers stealing and selling goods aft
Description 's behavior caused by the attitude of the doubt that he is adjusted to the sewage treatment station. Later, Wu collusion with factory workers LiuMou,jogging hollister, Chen and cleaners Jiangmou,magasin hollister, four division theft tin blocks. Chen, Lu Mouli with work hours in the workshop with a shovel shovel out of the tin block, cooling after molding, transported to the building hiding in the bushes next to the lounge and then by Wu and transported to the office one Jiangmou female locker room floor, and try to use electric vehicles transported outside the factory, Wu is responsible for stolen goods. Each fence income, 4 per minute. In this way,doudoune hollister, since since May 2009,veste hollister, the group has committed crimes four cases, involving a total of more than 100,hollister soldes,000 yuan. It is reported that Wu and relatively high-profile human Lumou their monthly salary of 2,vetement hollister,000 yuan, but often drink one thousand yuan a bottle of Maotai. Lumou wife has been laid off,doudoune abercrombie femme, the provincial tourism like grocery shopping just as casual. Wu Mouping wearing style is also very boss, police raided a nightclub once the guests,robe hollister, we found that Wu body with 100,000 yuan in cash. As the investigation deepens, the plant is 31 years old workers Liaomou also entered the police's attention. To master a lot of evidence,hollister pas cher, the police will Liaomou captured. So far, the case involved the number of six thousand. April 28,jogging abercrombie femme, Lumou,hollister kids, five people were arrested,hollister femme, allegedly acquired stolen goods Momou was released on bail.

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