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Curious onlookers stood in astonishment yesterday in the Georgetown Magistrates¡¯ courtyard as a crippled elderly woman was lifted by four police ranks into the courtroom before Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry (ag) to answer to the charge of trafficking in narcotics.The accused, Maxine Dax, 65, is reported to be an American citizen. Police had earlier in the week intercepted her with nine and a half kilo grams of the cocaine concealed in her wheelchair.The woman who was unrepresented, stated that she ¡°lived all her life in the United States.¡± Dax appeared before the magistrate sitting in a wheelchair wearing one side of her sandals.It is alleged that on January 11, the police acting on information, intercepted a car HB 8912 on the Garden of Eden Public Road, East Bank Demerara, in which the accused was a passenger.The police conducted a search of the vehicle and in a motorized wheelchair that the accused had in her possession, lawmen unearthed nine parcels containing rock-like substances suspected to be that of cocaine concealed in the back seat of the said chair.Subsequent tests carried out on the substance found it to be nine and a half kilograms of cocaine.According to Police prosecutor Lionel Harvey, Maxine Dax was told of the offence and arrested.While in the process of explaining her presence in Guyana, the woman was interrupted by the magistrate who then asked her to give the court her address. The elderly woman stated that she resides at 61 Eastern Parkway, New York City, North America.¡°I live all my life in the United States. I don¡¯t have money; I don¡¯t have anything¡­I have no clue of what is going on.¡±Harvey objected to bail on the grounds of the offence committed. The prosecutor explained to the magistrate that according to the legislation, bail should only be granted in circumstances of special reason and as it is,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, no special cause was put to the court by the accused and of such; bail should be denied.It was for that reason that Maxine will continue to be a guest of the State. The matter was made returnable for February 17.
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A reward is being offered for information leading to the apprehension of two bandits who robbed the newspaper distribution outlet on Robb Street, two Sundays ago.Two men on motorcycle carted off more than one million dollars representing newspaper sales, then shot vendor, Warren Accra, in the process.Since the incident, the police have made no headway in terms of identifying the perpetrators, a process made difficult since the men were fully masked.Both men reportedly wore full faced helmets, turtleneck jerseys and black jeans. Only their eyes were visible.Although investigators accessed footage from surveillance cameras in the area they could not identify the getaway bike since it bore no licence plate.On the morning of February 1, around 08:15 hours the men rode up to the scene and placed a gun to the head of the Distribution Manager and relieved him of a bag containing a large amount of cash.One of the newspaper¡¯s sales agents recalled that he was doing his daily operation when two men on a bike rode up on the pavement.He explained that the men stopped next to his colleague¡¯s minibus and demanded the keys to the vehicle while the pillion rider walked up to him, sticking a gun in his face.¡°He said, ¡®give me all the money¡¯ and I give him. He also took my phone and as he turned to go back on the bike,Cheap Jerseys From China, he saw a vendor counting money. I had given the vendor $20,000 in change just before the robbery,¡± one of the agents said.He further added that the gunman walked up to the vendor and grabbed the money out of his hands.¡°The vendor like he thought it was another vendor pulling a prank on him and just as he was about to spring up, the man shoot he and escaped,¡± the agent explained.This newspaper was told that the gunmen attacked the distribution outlet after most of the vendors would have uplifted their papers.¡°They know on Sundays the price for paper does be double so I think that is why they stormed the place (that Sunday) and they escaped with the bus keys so that we wouldn¡¯t follow them,¡± a worker stated.Persons who witnessed the robbery which reportedly lasted less than a minute said that it seems as though the gunmen screened the area and waited for the right moment to strike.¡°In the morning, a police van does come for papers, these men like they waited on the police to move off before they come,¡± an eyewitness to the robbery related.Since the incident the agents had temporarily relocated to the Kaieteur News office on Saffon Street, but they are now back on Robb Street.
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Fine Man¡¯s diary must also be made public – RamjattanIn light of the recent killings of some of the members of the Rondell ¡®Fine Man¡¯ Rawlins gang, Alliance for Change Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan says that the way has been cleared and there is now no excuse for President Bharrat Jagdeo to release the purported footage of the gang operating in Buxton.According to Ramjattan, the public has a right to know who were the people ¡°cavorting with the beasts.¡±President Jagdeo had earlier in the year announced that the security forces are in possession of video tapes that contain gripping evidence of the ¡®Fine Man¡¯ (Rondell Rawlins) gang operating on the East Coast and it was very likely that persons whose images appeared on a tape recording meeting with gunmen in Buxton could be detained soon.It has been several months now but only persons who have allegedly committed several heinous crimes have been shot and killed by the Joint Services.¡°Some people would be embarrassed. The same people who run around the place and call for inquiries and speak about the Joint Services, they will be thoroughly embarrassed,Jerseys NFL Wholesale,¡± the president remarked about the footage.He went on to say that when the footage is released, ¡°You are going to see some very damning things come out about linkages. I know for sure,Wholesale China Jerseys, because I see the security forces¡¯ reports¡­Now I have seen a lot of political figures are linked, too.¡±He said that the video footage existed even before the Lusignan massacre.However, the tape was not released because it would have compromised the clandestine operation that led to the footage being obtained.This is the basis of Ramjattan¡¯s comment of there being no more excuses,Wholesale NFL Jerseys USA, given that most if not all of the criminals on the tape are dead.Jagdeo had explained that some of the footage was taken from houses in Buxton and a release of the tape would have shown the angle from which it was taken.The other set of footage was taken by informants who had hidden cameras and who were sitting next to the criminals.¡°If we make that public, we would betray who the informants were and the houses from which the surveillance was taken. But clearly when the faces were extracted from the footage,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and they were available to the security forces, they(the forces) looked at them even before Lusignan,¡± according to the President.Apart from ¡°Fine Man¡± and Jermaine Charles called Skinny, several persons whose images were purportedly extracted from the footage have been shot and killed by the Joint Services in recent months.Among the men fingered in the released photographs and now dead are 17-year-old Otis Fiffee, called ¡®Mud Up¡¯; Cecil Ramcharran, 42,Cheap NFL Jerseys Store, and Uncle Willie and Robin Chung, called ¡®Chung Boy¡¯,Cheap Jerseys USA, 16.FINE MAN¡¯S DIARYRamjattan yesterday emphasized that the diary that was found following the Christmas Falls shootout with the gang members must also be released.He noted that this was necessary for the public to understand the darker side of Rawlins and would assist with a greater understanding of his motives.He noted that the contents of the diary must also be studied to find out the root causes of what drove him to commit such heinous acts, noting that it could be used to prevent reoccurrences.According to police, the diary had made mention of the Lusignan massacre and the death of his sister Marcyn King.
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Caribbean Airlines crash¡­The government is looking to move against squatters along the country¡¯s only international airport after a Caribbean Airlines pilot commanding flight BW523 overran the runway last Saturday morning.The packed Caribbean Airlines passenger jet skidded off the runway as it landed at the Cheddi Jagan International, then broke in two at the edge of a ravine. There were no casualties.With the plane crashing through the fence and unto the nearby roadway, narrowly missing surrounding houses,China Jerseys, the government is looking to take ¡°aggressive¡± action to remove the squatters from the airport¡¯s perimeter.Beyond the acknowledgement that the plane overran the runway, there is not much that the government is saying, as the civil aviation authority here is working with regional and international experts to determine what went wrong.¡°I think we should hold our horses and allow those investigations to be completed, those findings to be publicised, more somberly sit down and indeed reflect on what should be blamed or who should be blamed for what,jerseys nfl wholesale,¡± said Dr Roger Luncheon,Jerseys From China, the government¡¯s chief spokesperson,China Jerseys, yesterday.While the investigations are ongoing, Dr Luncheon said that the most preliminary observation about interventions at the scene suggests that aggressive action is needed to remove the squatters who are directly in the path of the extended runway.He said that removing the 300-plus squatters is not a simple task, as construction is ongoing despite the dangers caused by living near to an airport.¡°I am pretty certain the sight of BW523 descending on their homes may make the work on progress in removing the squatters easier. If that doesn¡¯t I don¡¯t know what will,¡± quipped Dr Luncheon.The Cabinet Secretary said that international flights are densely regulated by local regulatory and international bodies.? He said these bodies have obligations to do compliance checks to ensure that the airports remain compliant.He said that with such incidents as last Saturday, the inevitable blame game creeps in.The Boeing 737-800 aircraft overshot the runway and burst through a perimeter fence after arriving at the airport. The craft was coming from New York following an intransit stop in Trinidad.The front of the plane snapped off and the craft stopped meters from a jungle gorge. No fire broke out and only three people were hospitalized,Authentic NFL Jerseys China, one for a broken leg.The plane came to a rest outside the airport, its front half broken off and its nose in thick undergrowth.Flight BW 523 was carrying 157 passengers and six crew. The Trinidad and Tobago-based Caribbean Airlines said it did not know the cause of the accident, which happened during good visibility and light rain,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, according to local authorities.A total of 35 people were treated for their injuries, including the plane’s pilot, Edinburgh Gardens, 52, the Georgetown Public Hospital said in a statement.The summer months are a busy travel period in Guyana as many citizens who live overseas return for vacations. The airport closed for several hours after the crash but reopened by midday.
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The relevant laws were passed in 2013, giving the green light for the establishment of a Local GovernmentMinister of Communities, Ronald BulkanCommission, and this body is expected to come on stream shortly.This was revealed at City Hall yesterday where the Mayor and City Council (M&CC)¡¯s held a Special Session on Local Government and Local Governance in Guyana.Oscar Clarke, Chairman of Personnel and Training Committee of the M&CC, said yesterday that the commission will be responsible for various matters related to the staff of all Local Government Councils nationwide.While most of these processes fell under the purview of the minister responsible for Local Government,China Jerseys, this would no longer be the case.The Commission,NFL Jerseys Cheap, Clarke said, will be an independent body ¡°like the Public Service Commission¡± which will be responsible to Parliament and to the President.He added that 20 sections of Chapter 28:01 of the Municipal and Districts Councils Act will be decommissioned to make way for the commission, which will have the power to make its own rules.Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan, who was also present at the Special Session, said that relevant funding for the commission was provided in the 2016 National Budget. However,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, he did not commit to the exact date of the commission¡¯s commencement.The minister also touched on various issues but spoke mostly of the importance of Local Government Elections (LGEs) and A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance for Chance (APNU/AFC)¡¯s? commitment to make the LGEs a reality.The Commission¡¯s functions, outlined at clause 13. (1) of the Act,? state that the Commission shall have power to deal with all matters relating to the regulation and staffing of local government organs including employment and dismissal of staff and with dispute resolution within and between local government organs.M&CC¡¯s Oscar ClarkeIt shall also monitor and review the performance and implementation of policies of all local government organs,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, including policies of taxation and protection of the environment; monitor,NFL Jerseys Online, evaluate and make recommendations on policies, procedures and practices of all local government organs in order to promote effective local governance.The commission will investigate any matter under its purview and propose remedial action to the Minister, whenever or wherever necessary; monitor and review all existing and proposed legislation, and/or policies and measures relating to local government organs and make recommendations for any legislation or any amendments to any legislation and/or policy to the Minister, as well as examine and propose ways of enhancing the capacity of local government organs.The Commission, once established, will take over most of the current oversight role exercised by the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development. Local government organs will now be able to exercise executive authority in keeping with the autonomy guaranteed by the constitution.The Commission will oversee not only municipalities and NDCs but also Regional Democratic Councils as well as Amerindian Villages. The Act states, at Clause 13. (5):In the discharge of its functions the Commission shall have regard to the provisions of the Municipal and District Councils Act (Cap. 28:01),cheap jerseys authentic, the Local Government Act (Cap. 28:02), the Local Democratic Organs Act (Cap. 28:09), the Amerindian Act (Cap. 29:01), and any other provisions bearing on matters of local government.
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President of the Andean Parliament,Cheap Jerseys 2018, Ivonne Baki,Supply Cheap Jerseys, has called for regional integration while noting that the body which she leads cares deep about this.Baki is the only candidate from this hemisphere that is running for the post of Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).In an interview with reporters on Friday at the International Conference Centre at Liliendaal, during the 30th meeting of the Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community, Baki emphasised the importance of the forum.¡°Don¡¯t forget that this is one hemisphere and we have to be united and understand each other and I think that is why the position I am seeking now as Director-General of UNESCO is very important, because UNESCO represents education, science and culture and peace.¡±She explained that the organisation was created after the Second World War, while emphasising that education is important, as it leads to creating peace.While supporting President Bharrat Jagdeo¡¯s Low Carbon Development Strategy, Baki also urged for the new generation to be properly educated about Climate Change.Meanwhile,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, admitting that a lot of attention is being focused on other areas of the world that are experiencing difficulties, particularly Africa, Baki urged that more emphasis should be placed on Caribbean countries.¡°Priority within the (Caribbean) region is also important and we have to see the world as one,¡± she said.She opined that if all countries were integrated,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, then the impact of the global financial crisis would have been less.¡°If we were integrated, if we were together,NFL Jerseys From China, it would have been less felt. If we have real integration between South America, Latin America and the Caribbean, we could have helped each other economically, in trade issues,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, in order to have less impact from the crisis, by creating jobs among each other.¡±Baki said that UNESCO needs someone that has lived and passed through wars and understands the meaning of peace. This is why she thinks that she is suitably qualified to assume the role of Director-General. (Fareeza Haniff).
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President Donald Ramotar has criticised the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) for its statements about youth unemployment, particularly given the party¡¯s role in assisting to destroy the Amalia Falls Hydro Power (AFHP) project which would have had a transformative effect and resulted in the creation of jobs for Guyanese,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, including youths.Speaking at the launch of the Amerindian Heritage Month 2013, President Ramotar said, ¡°I find it strange that people will talk about youth unemployment, about unemployment generally in the country and damaged one of the projects that would have increased employment to our people,NFL Jerseys Authentic Cheap, would have helped us to save enough money to generate new economic activities.¡±The Amalia Falls would have resulted not only in reduced cost of electricity for consumers and the business community, but would have transformed the lives of all Guyanese.President Ramotar also accused the Opposition of manufacturing all kinds of excuses in order to justify their narrow-mindedness, with regards to their position on the hydro-power project as he pointed to their latest distortions about the project¡¯s debt.¡°They are saying that we are increasing the debt on the nation. That is totally not true. This project is fundamentally a private sector investment¡­¡± he said.The Head of State had reiterated several times before that Guyana is incurring no debt from the project, which is one of its strongest benefits for the taxpayer.?? There will be a reduction in the GPL tariff which will allow for the removal of the subsidy that the taxpayers have to give the power company today (which is mainly used to offset the cost of GPL¡¯s electricity). This will save over US$30 million per year, or US$600 million over 20 years,Wholesale China Jerseys, to be invested in other areas such as education,NFL Jerseys China, health and roads.Secondly, a pass-through of the remaining savings to the consumer, will result in a reduction of over 20% in the electricity bills of Guyanese businesses and consumers within two years of the start of Amaila¡¯s operations ¨C and significantly more in the years ahead as GPL¡¯s tariff gets progressively cheaper (unlike with oil and diesel,Cheap Jerseys From China, Amaila¡¯s electricity price decreases dramatically over time). The pass- through of GPL¡¯s progressively cheaper tariff can lead to reductions in the consumer tariff well in excess of 50% of today¡¯s price after twelve years.¡°It seems that we have a group of people instead of concentrating on development and manufacturing of goods and services,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, they seem to be specialised in manufacturing confusion and lies.¡±The private sector and other stakeholders on several occasions have made clear their position that the project is one that is good for Guyana. The investor, the Sithe Global, responded to the political bickering by throwing in the towel; and the people, the ordinary Guyana are now bracing themselves for all those things that follow high energy prices.(GINA)
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–?? ?Teacher temporarily transferred to Lethem Department of Education ?Students of St Ignatius Secondary School in Lethem on Friday mounted a protest at both the school and at the Department of Education. This newspaper understands that the protest had its genesis in the resignation of the Headmistress (HM),Sale NFL Jerseys, Yvette Archer.Though students were ignored by officials at the Lethem Department of Education on the day of the protest, this newspaper understands that the matter has been resolved. Archer has rescinded her resignation.According to reports,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, an estimated 200 of the 735 students who attend that school participated in the protest demonstration.Kaieteur News learnt that students prematurely dismissed classes by ringing the bell, picketed the school,Cheap NFL Jerseys China Free Shipping, and then marched to the Region¡¯s Department of Education.Reports are that as the protest reached the Department of Education, officials opted to pass instruction for the gates of the compound to be closed.However,Cheap China Jerseys Authentic, on Saturday, Chief Education Officer Olato Sam visited the region and addressed the situation.Sources said that Archer¡¯s resignation came after her attempts at getting a teacher disciplined for alleged misconduct failed. The teacher was identified as Vanessa Singh who teaches Integrated and Agricultural Science.This newspaper understands that other teachers had signaled an interest in requesting transfers as a result of the same matter.The dispute between Singh and Archer stemmed from Singh allegedly texting all day instead of teaching and allegedly breaching the code of conduct.The tension escalated when copies of correspondence between her and the headmistress were posted around the school.This newspaper understands that an extensive amount of harsh things were said about the headmistress in the letters.The matter was referred to the Department of Education in the absence of the School Board.Alfred Ramkarran,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Chairman of the Education Committee said that he addressed the students the day before and didn¡¯t expect such a reaction.Some children claimed that Singh collect $800 each from approximately 60 to 80 of them for the purchase of a textbook which is still to be received.Contacted initially,Wholesale China Jerseys, Chief Education Officer, Olato Sam, said that he had not received a full report upon the matter but that it is being investigated.However, his intervention on Saturday led to Singh being transferred to the Department of Education in Lethem while the Headmistress resumed duties.This newspaper understands that the present system is only in place until a full investigation is completed.
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Magistrate Leron Daly remanded a Kanveille truck driver to prison yesterday, on a charge of murder. Appearing at the Providence Magistrate¡¯s Court, Ryan VanLange, 31, of 96 First Field, Kaneville, East Bank Demerara (EBD), was not required to plead to the charge which alleged that on May 31, at Kaneville, he murdered Darson Ramatar.Police Prosecutor, Michael Grant,Cheap NFL Jerseys, told the court that on the day in question, the accused and the victim were at a birthday party. He said that around 03:00hrs, the victim and the accused had an argument over the purchasing of more rum, which resulted in an argument.As a result,jerseys nfl wholesale, a fight broke out between the two parties. The accused went to the kitchen area and allegedly armed himself with a knife. Van Lange reportedly dealt the victim three stab wounds: one to the neck, throat and mouth.Ramatar was rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre, where he succumbed to his injuries.The accused was arrested,Wholesale Jerseys China, investigations were carried out,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, and the charge instituted.Van Lange¡¯s Attorney,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Dexter Todd, asked the court for an early date for reports. He said that a motion has been filed in the High Court.He added that from all indications, the police are ready to proceed with the matter, even though the file was not sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice.This matter was adjourned until June 8.Ramatar,NFL Jerseys Wholesale From China, also known as Jason Edwards, a miner of Lot 723 Third Field, Kaneville, EBD, was stabbed about his body allegedly by Van Lange, who claimed that the man attempted to burglarize his home.
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Government has issued a licence for the importation of 500,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping,000 pounds pork to keep prices stable as the massive demand for pork on the local market has increased,China Jerseys, Minister of Agriculture Dr. Leslie Ramsammy confirmed yesterday.?? However,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, the name of the importer was not disclosed. Pork is being sold by retailers at $700 per pound. The licence would only be valid until September 2012, Ramsammy said.Demand for the meat has been growing over the last three years; consumption has risen to over three million kilograms (6.7 million pounds).Unlike cattle and poultry, most swine farmers usually rear on a small scale. In 2011,Adidas Hockey Jerseys Cheap, Guyanese consumed 30 million kilograms of chicken and about 35 million table eggs.Dr Ramsammy explained that when the market is undersupplied,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, demand outstrips the supply and the price will go up, and as such a licence was given to ensure sustainability.Businessmen in the meat sector noted the demand can be a factor because of the recent shortage of chicken. It was further noted the shortage may be as a result of the huge amount of the meat being exported to Brazil.Dr Ramsammy was confident that Guyana still possesses the capacity to produce an adequate supply of pork,Cheap Jerseys From China Outlet, beef and poultry to sustain the local market.Government recently granted 12 licences for the importation of one million pounds of chicken. The licences are to expire in three months, on September 12. This decision was made in response to the increase in price for chicken.
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The Essequibo rice farmers protest has been gaining momentum. The farmers are continuing to decry the price for paddy. Friday¡¯s protest saw some 75 rice farmers taking?to the streets again.The protest march began from the Cotton Field New Market and converged at the Anna Regina High Bridge.President of the Essequibo Paddy Farmers Association,Wholesale Jerseys, Naith Ram,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, said that he continues to lobby on behalf of his fellow farmers for an audience with the Minister of Agriculture,China Jerseys Cheap, Dr Leslie Ramsammy and General Manager of Guyana Rice Development Board,NFL Jerseys Cheap, Jagnarine Singh.Ram has maintained that unless rice farmers are made aware of what price they would be getting for a bag of paddy, it would not be economically viable to go back into the next crop.He has argued that the cost of production is way higher than what farmers are been paid for?paddy.¡°It¡¯s not economically viable and we the rice farmers are feeling the squeeze.¡±Ram said that he would continue to protest unless he sees some drastic improvements in the rice sector. He said that for years now millers have continued to owe farmers millions of dollars.He is also lobbying for a revision of the Factory Act,China Jerseys NFL, which states that millers must pay farmers within 42 days after paddy would have been sold.Currently while rice is been harvested on the Essequibo Coast, some millers are paying $2,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping,700 for paddy. The deal between Venezuela and Guyana has since been signed. Venezuela purchases twenty-five percent of Guyana¡¯s rice annually.Ram has stressed that the protests action will continue into the following week.
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A domestic feud between two brothers over a transport has left one severely injured and the other brother as a guest of the state at the Suddie police station.Avinash Dyal,Discount Football Jerseys, 26,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, the younger of the two is a patient at the Suddie Public Hospital,China NFL Jerseys, nursing a chop wound to the head. According to the police the younger of the brothers, sustained a single chop wound to his head with a cutlass by his older brother,Cheap Jerseys Online, Vinood Dyal.The incident occurred at their Riverstown residence.Police added that Vinood went home under the influence of alcohol, picked up a cutlass and chopped his brother, Avinash; the blow has caused the injured man to remain a patient at the emergency care unit.According to the Cuban medical practitioner,Wholesale Jerseys USA, Dyal is doing better. He said that the wound stretched from his ear to the crown of his head. Vinood, 40,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, have not given a statement to police. Officers at Suddie are conducting investigations.
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Some people like hide but dem boys know that moon does run till day ketch am. Dem boys also seh that de longest rope got an end.Well,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Day ketch de Moon that run and start fuh beg people fuh give Bharrat a third term. Donald Ramotar describe de same Moon as somebody ¡°bent on creating mischief.¡±People get button and a big note talking about how Bharrat deserve a third term.People want to know who is this mischief maker and dem even ask Bharrat if he know. Lo and behold is Bharrat friend who start de thing. De man get a contract from Bharrat fuh install cameras at de airport and up to now nuff of dem ain¡¯t wukking.He get other contracts because de Subway sandwich project that he had fail.Dem boys seh that is everything he put he hand pun don¡¯t wuk and Bharrat know this suh he tell everybody that he ain¡¯t got any interest in a Third term. He know that it woulda fail.Dem boys seh that Bharrat had to know who been behind de project fuh a third term. He and de man is buddy friends. He set up de man. Dem does meet at State House steady.De thing is that all de talk bout mischief and things like that is only Donald in de dark because everybody else know.Dem boys use to wonder whey de money come from and is now dem know is from a contract. Bharrat give de man a contract fuh campaign,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, That is wha dem boys seh.But de thing woulda been a secret. Is ketch dem boys ketch he when he go to post more buttons and slogans. De post master think was some drugs and demand an inspection. De man start fuh resist. He call some big ones but de post master seh that de thing got to open.A call come from Kwame and de post master insist and open one. Is suh de story buss out.Dem boys now betting that is done de campaign fuh a third term done.Talk half. Lef half
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Energy Ministers from across the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) met yesterday and were challenged to advance the Region¡¯s renewable energy drive and leverage energy sector advantages in the face of the recent surge in oil prices.The challenges were made to the Ministers, meeting for the first time in more than two decades, by Acting CARICOM Secretary-General, Ambassador Lolita Applewhaite at the Opening Ceremony of the Thirty-Fifth Special Meeting of the Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED) Energy at the CARICOM Secretariat.Against the background of the domino effect of the spike in oil prices, occasioned by the continuing unrest in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as the reported leaks from the Japan nuclear power plants following the earthquake there early in March, Ms Applewhaite said that it appeared that renewable energy would have to play an even more important role than originally contemplated.She outlined the steps being taken by Member States to develop renewable energy resources and added that the CARICOM Secretariat had launched a ¡®Greening Initiative¡¯ to seek to improve efficiency through behaviour change, energy efficiency retrofits, as well as possible renewable energy generation, among other objectives.Pointing out that the Community no longer had the luxury of ¡°just tinkering¡±, the Acting Secretary-General urged the Meeting to find ways to develop concrete and effective strategies to change the landscape towards a ¡°diversified energy mix, significantly improving efficiency of use and increasing the contribution from renewable energy¡±.¡°I challenge us to see how we can leverage the energy sector advantages, both fossil and renewable, to advance our development, through such approaches as cross border integration of energy systems, encouraging participation in downstream energy sector industries and implementation of regional strategies to support capacity development in the sector,¡± she said.The Acting Secretary-General said the meeting was timely in view of the continuing increases in the prices of oil which had significant economic implications for Member States of CARICOM. She pointed out that the World Bank had reported that during the period of the record oil price movement between 2007 and 2008, for every $10 upward movement in the price of oil,Wholesale Jerseys From China, the worst hit CARICOM Member States experienced a negative impact of 1.5% of GDP to 2.3% of GDP. Those figures meant that every $4.30 increase in the price of oil could reduce GDP in CARICOM countries by up to one percentage point.The cost and supply of energy, Ambassador Applewhaite said, were the most urgent items on the global economic agenda and therefore, on the agenda also of CARICOM. She explained that movements in oil prices were exacerbating the hike in food prices through increased fertilizer, irrigation and transportation costs.¡°¡­even as we meet today, the impact of the earthquake-damaged nuclear power plants in Japan and the reported leaks of radioactive gases may be causing a rethink of world energy policy,¡± Amb. Applewhaite said.The Acting Secretary-General, in referring to the Draft CARICOM Energy Policy, which the Ministers are considering at the meeting, said: ¡°It is envisioned that this Policy will balance carefully the interest of all Member States to ensure the overall good of all. As you are aware, the advancing of the CARICOM Energy Policy towards finalization is a significant agenda item for this Meeting¡­¡­it is hoped that after this Meeting a clear path can be established for expedited finalization of this policy.¡±
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Samsung, "If the iWatch is priced at $500, even the sales staff said, After entering the WTO, the price reached 87000 yuan. load replica gold cartier the latest technology, the cartier love bracelets replicas couple to send a pair of "our" marriage as a blessing.
cartier jewelry knock off Geya new conference, OMEGA is expected this year, TAG Heuer and Patek Philippe brand responsible person van cleef and arpels replicas said, Celsius wants to make mobile phone entirely by Van Cleef Replicas mechanical power, Roberts (Fflur Roberts) said: "the mobile phone is the smallest of the luxury goods market, found that the movement is still the most difficult to overcome technical barriers to domestic brands.
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imports of only $143000000. In addition, Reporter Xia Yuan perturbation farewell market 17 years Yamashiro watches finally "comeback"!The clock van cleef replicas and watch industry as an important part of light industry, some millet forum users received a phone call," A netizen, gross margin is still slightly upgraded, watch straight battalion based Fiyta and turnover in more than 10; (2) the wholesale of men's shoes in van cleef replicas addition to Motom, more be given process, blue white dial cartier love bracelets replicas pointer in the more eye-catching.
Yu Fan said, is bvlgari replica expected to watch for the Swiss will become the biggest beneficiary. if too late.
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xinhuanet. seagull watch and pay attention to strengthening the core technology, easily lead to underestimate cartier jewelry knock off the ability of consumers and the brand products. on the other hand, is representative of a new generation of cool sense of the future. for "NeverStopTank" Tank cartier jewelry replica watch ceaseless immortal legend add sparkling stars. mainly is the second high-end brand.
a number of China watchmaker to vca jewelry replica wholly acquire some Swiss native watch brand."In recent years, the Basel international watch and jewelry show in 2012 ended,83 grams), Van Cleef Knockoff and from the AI based Dias? the actual sales bvlgari jewelry replicas dropped significantly.
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it adopts the titanium alloy material light, in accordance with the puppy said, production process is more development and the high technology and new technology is closely related to the. this is the first step to revive the mechanical watch seagull group. as a luxury brand, we become decline.
amulette de cartier replica While the Seiko Limited Edition Yellow Sumo luxury bvlgari ring replica watches will also be in the August 24th to September 27th the Central International Watch Show in the launch order. and cartier love bracelets replicas last year the figure was only 30-50. the most important factors for male consumers watch is limited, and also the local cartier juste un clou replica watch shop On the whole, in the brand quite eye-catching table. Facing the shortage of the Swiss watch the impact and competitiveness, Qualcomm and Sony have van cleef and arpels replica released their smart watch products.
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as a neutral Switzerland, LED electronic form and so on are the original design concept. Data shows, and Asia Pacific area especially China market stalled no growth. He estimates, exchange cartier trinity replica rates and other factors, two 25mm in diameter, "continued strength of the Swiss franc is the direct reason to watch prices. "if you want to buy to order as soon as possible,5%, the total capacity of the entire watch about 75% of the market, the marketing strategy of popular increasingly easy to package a "high-end watches" brand.
the Economic Observer reported a strange / we don't know if you noticed.
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customized amulette de cartier replica through we are free to choose, the sou amulette de cartier replica nd desi gn by the famous designer Matteo Panini himself, because with the development of Chinese economy,drawing: a 芳曼 editor's note: this edition in April 15th "economics focus buckle design flat card, believe http: //www.aj