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add to favorites Energy saving design and parameter optimization of Raymond Mill
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Raymond mill is a commonly used mineral processing equipment in mineral processing plant, and also a high energy consumption equipment. The energy saving design and parameter optimization design of Raymond grinding mill is of great significance for reducing the energy consumption and improving the efficiency of mineral processing.

Energy Saving Design of Raymond Mill

Raymond powder mill mainly considers energy saving design from starting mode, lubrication mode, bearing type, structure and form of lining plate and speed rate of raymond mill. Raymond mill is made by the world industrial science and technology group. It has many characteristics in energy saving design. The equipment in production must be guaranteed to operate according to the design requirements.

1. Design of starting mode

Soft start - pneumatic clutch. It realizes segmented start of synchronous motor Ramon mill, and enables the motor to start at no load and achieve stable operation speed. Then the clutch is combined to start the Raymond mill. This can shorten the starting time of the motor itself, easy to start, reduce the impact of the starting current to the power grid, and reduce the installed power of the raymond mill.

2. static pressure bearing and static and dynamic bearing design

It is a common design for Raymond powder mill to replace ordinary bearings with dynamic and static pressure mixed lubrication bearings. The main bearing of Raymond Mill in a mineral processing plant is pure static pressure bearing.

(1) in the Raymond mill before starting, high pressure using lubricating oil will float the shaft neck of 0.2 ~ 0.3mm, it can greatly reduce the starting load, and then start, after which can make the shaft and bearing by external supply, with certain pressure bearing oil film is completely separated from the start, when the shaft neck reach enough speed, namely the use of hydrodynamic lubrication bearing.

(2) when the raymond mill is shut down, let the pressure oil slow down on the axle bush slowly so as not to scratch the axle bush. This ensures the starting work of the journal under pure liquid friction. The friction resistance is small, the power consumption is small, and the transmission efficiency is high.

add to favorites Ore milling equipment adapts to the demand of market development
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Ore milling equipment is on the market existing production fineness smaller equipment and the production of ore milling equipment is the transformation based on the existing mill on the introduction of foreign advanced technology, this machine has good development and application, because it meets the requirement of production on the market.

Any type of equipment, it is because of the change of market demand, if you can not meet the demand, so it is difficult to be recognized, it is easy to be eliminated, it is a trend of market development, for ore milling equipment production, is the same, it is because the market demand, manufacturers design this type of machine, it is because it can meet the needs of market production, so in order to get a better development.

In fact, the ore milling equipment before, the market of various types of mill is much more, but with the development of various industries for mill production needs, constantly changing, the mill no longer meet the needs of production, so the need for new equipment, this time, the structure and the performance of ore powder machine and milling equipment the quality of finished products in all aspects to meet the needs of the market, so it was not recognized and accepted.

Ore milling equipment is characterized by its fine fineness, which is different from other machines. It is also the main reason for the emergence of the machine under market demand. It can be said that the machine's fine fineness is small enough to promote its development.

add to favorites You will never feel regret to choose our sand washing machine
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Sand washing machine is utilized to take out the dust in sand. Sand washing plant aims at strengthening the top quality of sand. The materials consist of the necessary gravel in building-site, gravel factories, hydropower station and concrete dam web page, publish and electric pole factory, casting-70 sand; glass factory is quartz sand and refilling stress sand.

Sand washing equipment can be broadly utilised for cleaning components during the following industries: quarry, minerals, setting up materials, transportation, chemical field, water conservancy and hydropower, cement mixture station and so forth.

Functions and Benefits:

1. It is of easy structure. The bearing gadget of impeller drive is separated from water and components with water, to prevent in a substantial degree the bearings are broken by getting soaked with water, sand or some polluted matters.

2. When it truly is made use of for cleaning sand in quarries, it has several strengths compared together with the conventional spiral one particular.

3. There's very little loss for medium-sized and fine sand and stone powder. The grade and also the fineness on the sand for building after remaining washed is usually as much as the national specifications, such as sand for development and cobble and broken stones for building.

4. Simple to retain. There are actually no other wearing parts except the screen mesh.

5. Durability.It options prolonged services lifestyle and handful of occasions for maintenance.

It is actually also referred to as hydraulic classifier or sand washing machine. The productive sand washing machine of XSD series is actually a sort of cleaning products of international sophisticated degree for sand and slag pellets.

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