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Almost the entire batch of the Nursing Assistant Programme Class 46 at the New Amsterdam Nursing School at Angoy*s Avenue, New Amsterdam, and more than half of the batch of Professional Nursing students of batch 78, on Friday, had to seek medical attention at? the New Amsterdam Hospital for suspected cases of food poisoning.Some of the nurses started to feel unwell earlier in the week and were treated and sent home. However the situation escalated on Thursday when a number of the Nurses at the school began to fell unwell and started to experience bouts of diarrhea and vomiting. This continued even at home.The situation took a turn for the worse on Friday when almost all of the nurses at the school had to be rushed to the hospital after they started to experience more severe bouts of bowel movement and vomiting.The nurses were sent to the hospital, but had to find their own transportation. At the hospital, the nurses were given two tablets (Gravol and Flagyl) and told that they would be alright. Most of the nurses complain of feeling weak. Some of the student nurses again took ill on Saturday and had to be rushed to the hospital for further treatment.A number of nurses sought their own treatment at Private medical institutions.Some nurses had also taken ill about two weeks ago and had to be rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital,Jerseys NFL Cheap, where they were treated and sent away.Relatives of the nurses are not happy with the response of the health authorities and the treatment meted out to the Nurses. They say that if these persons are being trained to become caregivers and this is the way they are being treated then one wonders what is to come. ※The government talk is only talk and lip service,§ one relative stated.※Every week the health people in Berbice are on the Television talking about this and that and they can*t take care of their own, this only smacks of incompetence§.A few persons sell all kinds of eatables in front of the Nursing School where some of the student nurses would have their meals. The area where the nursing school is situated at Angoy*s Avenue is also very unhygienic. Students use water from some over head tanks situated in the compound and that could also be a reason for the students* illness.
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Failed insurance company CLICO#Following a move to the court by the then Commissioner of Insurance Maria van Beek to liquidate the Colonial Life Insurance Company (CLICO) Guyana,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, the then Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Geeta Singh-Knight was retained for her institutional memory and continues to receive in excess of $1.5M per month.This despite the fact that the company*s liabilities outweighed its assets significantly, with more than 50 per cent impaired due to botched investments overseas.The salary paid to Singh-Knight could be verified by this newspaper as of November 2009 but she is also still retained by the company.Geeta Singh-KnightOnly recently, Singh-Knight resurfaced in the media when President Bharrat Jagdeo was elucidating on the reasons behind the failure of the insurance giant and was then forced to defend the person that presided over all of the bad investment decisions made by the company with her at the helm.After listing the fact that several bad investments were made by CLICO Guyana, Jagdeo was asked whether he thought it was a good idea to have her sit on the GuySuCo Board and he said that she has, ※significant skills, frankly speaking.§The Head of State’s remarks on bad investments caused the opposition to lash out, with the Alliance For Change leader Raphael Trotman saying that the position adopted by the president wreaks of ※high class lawlessness to defend a bad decision when thousands (CLICO policy holders) lost everythingTrotman said that while Singh-Knight may have her qualities, in any other country in the world she would have felt compelled to take a self-imposed sabbatical from the corporate world.※Look at how GuySuCo is collapsing nationally#.First it was CLICO (Guyana), now sugar is in crisis after spending almost US$300M on the Skeldon Sugar factory and neglecting the workers.§Singh-Knight is currently also on an interim management board of GuySuCo to assist in drafting a &turnaround plan* for the industry.It was later found that while she was at the helm of CLICO Guyana, the company breached the Insurance Act by investing more than it should have overseas and the company was well below its liquidity rate.Following the move to the court in Bahamas to wind up the CLICO company, and realising that CLICO Guyana has in excess of $6B locked in there, the then local Commissioner of Insurance, Maria van Beek, moved to the High Court to wind up the company.Acting Chief Justice Ian Chang granted Judicial Management to the Commissioner of Insurance and asked for an in depth report on the affairs of the company.That report has been completed and, according to van Beek, in a worst case scenario, the company was some US$60M above its liability, but subsequent court proceedings have since stalled the winding up process so that policy holders can be paid.
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…as Georgetown aims to become a ※green city§ As Georgetown moves towards becoming a ※green city§, the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) will be clamping down on the crooked officials and ※those with connections§ who have contributed to the mass pollution of the city.Mayor Hamilton Green during yesterday*s conference launchGeorgetown Mayor, Hamilton Green, made this declaration during the launch of the City Council*s Green Conference and Expo.※As we move around Georgetown, as we seek to correct the flaws in behaviour, it*s important that this municipality ensures that we don*t present an image that we are only prepared to target the poor and those without connections,§ Green said to those gathered for the ceremony.According to Green, there has been evidence of leniency to ※the rich and the powerful§ and he cautioned administrators that such a practice was ※a dangerous thing to seep into our society§.He emphasised that the rich and the powerful must not violate the rules and get away with it.※We say we want green and they [the rich and powerful] remove green and nothing happens to them but others who are putting green are pounced upon,§ Green noted. He further indicated that it must be ensured that justice must be dispensed evenly. He added that this desire was articulated to Chancellor of the Judiciary, Justice Carl Singh.※If there is a violation by the rich and the mighty, the judiciary and the municipality must deal with them no differently than those we may refer to as ordinary people,§ Green stressed.He added, ※We must change from the time when those who had the resources blocked up our alleyways and canals for their own convenience and the bureaucracy of City Hall seemed to have turned a blind eye. Under my watch, this will come to an end.§In response, Justice Singh assured Green that justice in Guyana is blindfolded. He added that the courts will ※not see faces or hear names§ but rather it will determine a result based on evidence presented.Meanwhile, Green further indicated that for any human endeavour, ideas must be shared, views must be expressed, and a consensus found for the way forward it to be successful. He also stressed the importance of change for the success of the greening project.※I want to leave with you one word 每 change…If this project is to be successful, the key word must be change. We have to anchor our work in change,§ he said. ※We must change from a time when we felt that we could litter and nothing happens to us…change from the time when we accepted dirt as part of our lives…§ he added.The Green Expo commenced yesterday and will run until November 1Additionally, Town Clerk,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, Royston King, indicated that the conference is one of the high points of a green initiative, which was first articulated by President David Granger. He said that the conference will be used as a guide in its efforts to restore and develop Georgetown to a ※green city§.He said too that over time concerns over the environment grew worldwide. These concerns included the rational utilisation of renewable natural resources, the conservation of species suffering from the impact of an expanding society, and the general degradation of the environment.※These have all combined to facilitate climate change and global warming with unprecedented public health and environmental consequences in this global village in which we live,§ King said.He further stressed that small countries 每 particularly those in the Caribbean and specifically Guyana 每 remain very vulnerable to the impact of these global phenomenon.※Only through collective effort will we be able to raise awareness and take appropriate action to save our environment and the economy,§ he added.He said that he foresaw the conference taking on a ※transcendental role§ for the future of Georgetown. ※The theme of this conference 每 &towards an environmentally sustainable city* 每 goes beyond traditional approaches to city management. It speaks to a municipal strategy to allow for smart, urban planning to facilitate cohesive eco-friendly communities…§ he said. However, the ultimate goal will be to make everyone more environmentally responsible and accountable.He concluded by expressing hope that the discussions and information coming out of the conference will ※elevate our environmental consciousness, encourage us to act appropriately towards the environment, and enlist our unflinching support and commitment to the protection of our natural environment and the natural environment of the city of Georgetown.§The conference and expo are being touted as education forums as the M&CC works towards making Georgetown more eco-friendly.Major companies and agencies, including a joint booth by the European Union and the British High Commission, participated in the expo, concluded Sunday.
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An unlicensed driver slammed a Canter truck into a parked, sand-laden vehicle near Coverden, East Bank Demerara yesterday, killing his 11-year-old niece and injuring her seven-year-old brother.Inaleema Jhaman, of Lot 19, Soesdyke Public Road,Brian Campbell Jersey, was sitting in the cab of the Canter truck when her uncle lost control of the vehicle and careened into the sand truck at around 09:00 hrs.She was killed instantly.Her brother, Joshua Jhaman, was treated at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre for a suspected broken arm.? He was subsequently discharged.Police said that the children*s uncle, identified as Richard Jhaman, of Soesdyke, fled the scene without attempting to render assistance to the injured children.He was still at large up to press time.According to the police, Richard Jhaman was heading north at a fast rate in Canter truck, GGG 9651, when he hit a hump on a bridge near Coverden and lost control.He then slammed into the back of a sand truck that was parked on the eastern side of the road.Joshua Jhaman, the children*s father, told Kaieteur News that he had bought the truck only three days ago and had parked the vehicle outside his home.He said that unknown to him, his brother, who is unlicensed, boarded the vehicle and headed north up the East Bank Demerara Public Road.?Mr. Jhaman said that without notifying him, his daughter and son accompanied the uncle on the &joy ride.*Minutes later, the family heard the impact of the collision which occurred a short distance from their home.※We hear &bladam* and my wife run out, and came back and said is my kids,§ he said.※I go to the gate, but I collapsed. I couldn*t go. I haven*t gone to the accident scene yet.※She was a loving child.§Inaleema attended St. Mary*s Primary School at Soesdyke.Their mother, Endroutie Mohabir, said that she rushed to the scene and saw her daughter lying motionless on the roadway. She accompanied the injured children to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre, where doctors informed her that her daughter was dead.The accident comes in the wake of Sunday*s smash-up at Supply, East Bank Demerara, which claimed the lives of five people.
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Doctors at the Georgetown Hospital were up to late last night battling to save the life of a 69-year old mini bus driver who received three bullets during a brutal beating by bandits who apparently tried to rob him.Lincoln Bristol of 273 A Field, Sophia was shot twice in his abdomen and once on his right knee.He also lost a piece of his right ear which was bitten off by one of the bandits and sustained a gaping wound to his left eye which could be permanently damaged, while putting up a fierce struggle with the bandits.Details of the incident were sketchy last evening but this newspaper understands that the men relieved Bristol of cash and other valuables before hurriedly fleeing the scene and before anyone could confront them or come to Bristol*s assistance.Kaieteur News understands that Bristol was attacked in his yard just as soon as he parked the mini bus that was operating.According to a source,Adidas Ultra Boost Shoes Cheap, Bristol told hospital staff that he had just emerged from the mini bus when two men pounced on him.※Dey shoot me. Dey shoot me,§ he cried, slipping in and out of consciousness as he was wheeled from the x-ray room at the Georgetown Hospital. Hospital sources said that he is likely to remain hospitalized for a while.
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–?? ?to undergo psychiatric evaluation?? ??? ??? ?John Blanchard, the father accused of killing his three children, appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates* Court again yesterday, charged with the murder of his third child, Joy Blanchard, who was brutally hacked to death along with two other siblings.Joy Blanchard had passed away some five days following the gruesome incident that lead to her demise,Cheap Air Max 95 Sale, causing the father to make another court appearance, having already heard murder charges read to him for the two other children.Blanchard appeared calm and even distant as he stood before Acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry as the third indictable charge was read to him. He was not required to plead.Blanchard was represented by Defense Counsel Peter Hugh who made an application for a psychiatric assessment to be done on his client to decide whether or not he was mentally capable to stand trial. This request was subsequently granted by the court.Blanchard is before the court for the murder of his three children. It is alleged that the man on October 11 at his family*s Dr. Charles Sand Road, Soesdyke home, fatally wounded his 10-year old daughter Belika and her four-year-old brother Daniel, while six-year-old Joy later succumbed to her injuries.
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Contractors being selectedThe cost of building the road to the Amaila Falls will cost more than the original contract price of US$15.4 million, Dr Roger Luncheon,Wholesale Jerseys China, the government*s chief spokesman said yesterday.On January 12, the government cancelled the controversial contract that was won by Synergy Holdings under the Bharrat Jagdeo presidency.The new Donald Ramotar government terminated the contract from Fip Motilall*s Synergy Holdings and moved to seize all of his equipment. The government further determined that the contractor will pay US$120,000 in liquidated damages.Yesterday, Dr Luncheon said that even if costs are recovered maximally from Synergy Holdings, the cost will still be more than the original contract.He said that the Ministry of Transport and Hydraulics is currently reviewing those contractors who had bid along with Motilall for the project, to award contracts for various sections of the road.The road would pave the way for the Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project which is described as just part of a larger effort to revolutionise Guyana*s power generation infrastructure.The first stage of the road is now being constructed by Toolsie Persaud who operates a concession at Butukari. That section of road is 49 kilometers long.Dr Luncheon said that those who tendered for the Amaila Falls road contract will be revisited. The contractors* bids for each section are unlikely to be varied, said Dr Luncheon.The storage dam site would be located near the top of Amaila Falls and would impound the waters of both the Kuribrong and Amaila Rivers.The Amaila site is located on the Kuribrong River, a tributary of the Potaro River in West Central Guyana. The nearest point of access is the airstrip at Kaieteur Falls on the Potaro River, approximately 15 miles to the south.An overland trail exists from Kaieteur to Amaila. Access is also provided overland by an all-weather road through Tumatumari on the Potaro River and on to Mahdia and Kangaruma.River access along the Potaro-Kuribrong Rivers to the foot of Amaila Falls involves several portages around rapids and waterfalls.The road from Tumatumari was recently extended to Mahdia/Kangaruma that brings the project closer to the site but approximately 30 miles of additional roads will need to be built to the top of Amaila Falls.The Government of Guyana had granted the road building contract in March 2010.The then Bharrat Jagdeo government had vociferously defended the contract given to Motilall and his company, Synergy Holdings, and refused to terminate the contract despite mounting controversy over Motilall*s suitability and ability to complete the contract.As of December 2011, Synergy Holdings Inc had completed only 40 per cent of the Works despite repeated urgings and interventions from the Project Engineer and the Consulting Firm to have the project completed.Synergy Holdings was the original developer of the Amaila Falls Hydro Project.However, the company realised that it could no longer execute the project and its licence was transferred to Sithe Global.Less than six months after the licence transfer, Synergy Holdings, under Makeshwar ※Fip§ Motilall, secured the US$15.4 million contract from Government to build roads and bridges leading to the project site.The government announced the award of the contract to Motilall on March 26, 2010. Synergy Holdings was given the first notice to proceed on October 5, 2010 for some sections of the road, while the green light for the other section through virgin rainforest was given on January 11, last year.Those bidding for the contracts were asked to provide their experience in similar large scale projects together with references and credentials, and detail the equipment he owns and would require to carry out the project.Synergy Holdings came under the radar over its experience in building roads and its ability to carry out the project. The company*s contract is for the upgrade of approximately 85 kilometers of existing roadway and the design and construction of approximately 110 kilometers of new road.
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Even as the police are trying to implement more stringent laws for road users, a barber has become the latest road fatality following a hit and run accident on the Vryheid*s Lust, East Coast Demerara (ECD) Public Road early yesterday.Gopaulram Das and his familyDead is 35-year-old Gopaulram Das of Lot 77 Better Hope, East Coast Demerara (ECD). The accident occurred sometime before 02:00 hours yesterday in front of a sports bar at Vryheid*s Lust.According to information received, Das was crossing the public road to get to his car, which was parked opposite the sports bar,Cheap Jerseys For Wholesale, when the speeding car struck him down. He was pronounced dead on arrival at a private hospital in the city.The police in a statement, said that Das, a father of one, was struck down as he was allegedly attempting to cross the public road.The driver fled the scene. However, a number plate from the vehicle fell off on impact and has been collected by the Police.Yesterday, the dead man*s father, Tullahram Das said he was at home when his neighbour informed him that his son had met with an accident. He claimed that he went to the scene but was told that his son was already taken to the hospital.※I went to the Georgetown Hospital but he wasn*t there so I went to Woodlands but he was already dead. At the scene, people say that the driver didn*t stop after he hit my son,§ the older Das said.He said that the last time he saw his son was 07:45 hours on Saturday when he left home for work. ※He left work at 09:30pm last night (Saturday) and he went out with his friends at the sports bar.§※Before he crossed the road, he called his wife and tell her that he was coming home and he asked her to open the gate. After he end the call, he told his friends that he was leaving to go home and that*s when he met with the accident,§ Das said.Investigations into Gopaulram Das death are ongoing.
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Residents on the Essequibo Coast are calling for harsher penalties for persons who are placed before the court, charged with committing incest and carnal knowledge.This follows yet another report of a man, from Onderneeming, being held for reportedly having sex with his daughter, who is 12 years old.Reports are that the 33-year-old man was arrested by police ranks on Monday after the girl confided in her mother about what her father had done.Sources say that on Sunday last, while the mother was away from the house at work,Nike NFL Jerseys China, the girl and her three other siblings went to the seawall to swim with their father.The girl told investigators that when they got back home her father told her to go into the bedroom and take off her clothes which she refused to do.Sometime later while her other siblings were out, the girl said her father pulled her into the bedroom where he forced her to have sex with him following which he immediately sent her to bathe.Despite threats from her father, the teen related the incident to her mother, who reported the matter to the police. The man was arrested and charges are imminent.
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The next two days will be filled with socializing, good foods and presents for Muslims countrywide. The three-day Muslim holiday of Eid-ul-Adha began yesterday.Muslims around the world will celebrate the story of Abraham or Ibrahim and his willingness to fully submit to God.The holiday is both religious and a fun-filled time. Muslims throughout the world honour Abraham by sacrificing their own animals- usually a bull, lamb or a sheep.Most people choose to have it done through a butcher rather than undertaking the task themselves. They may also carry the animal for the sacrifice to be done at a Masjid.In a story that appears in both the Quran and the Bible, Abraham is commanded by God to kill his son.Muslims believe the intended victim was Ishmael; Jews and Christians believe it was Isaac.Either way, Abraham is about to do the ghastly deed when God offers him a ram to sacrifice instead.Traditionally, the sacrifice evolves into an act of charity. It is customary for Muslims to give one-third of the meat to the poor and one-third to friends and family, and to keep one-third.Mohamed Mujay, a member of the McDoom Jamaat, said that they slaughtered about 16 animals (cows) and distributed the meat to the villagers. He explained that whatever meat is left,Dale Hawerchuk Jersey, it will be distributed to the members of the Masjid.
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Bandits terrorized two Stewartville, West Coast Demerara households during a 15-minute robbery spree, early yesterday morning.The bandits* main target was a Bourda Market businesswoman, whom they tricked into opening up her door by using one of her employees.It was around 03:00 am, and the businesswoman, who is familiarly known as &Naz*, was already up, preparing to leave for her business in the city.The bandits had already attacked the home of one of her employees who lived in the back of her yard and robbed them of an undisclosed amount in cash.They then took the employee to the front where they forced him to call out his employer, who was waiting for him to accompany her to the city.According to the business woman, she got up and as usual, sat in her home,Wholesale Air Max Tn, waiting for the driver of her Canter truck to transport her with her goods to the market.She said that she shouted over to the employee, who lives at the back house and told him to get ready as the driver would arrive soon.She was unaware that bandits had attacked his home and was holding him under duress.※When I call him, like they allow he fuh answer and he say he coming now. Then he rap on the door and ask me to warm up some food in my microwave (oven).§Naz said that she collected the bowl with food but did not open her door. She did not see the bandits, who had obviously secreted themselves and were instructing her employee as to what to say.A few seconds later the employee made another demand; this time he was instructed by the bandits to ask her for something to drink, since they knew that she would have to open the door.※When I open the door, a bandit run in and tell me lie down. I only see one bandit and after he tell me drop on the ground, I go down and close me eyes,§ the businesswoman told this newspaper, adding that she could not say for sure how many bandits entered her house.Kaieteur News was told that at that time, except for one of the woman*s daughters, the other occupants of Naz*s household were asleep, but not for long.After tying up the businesswoman and her daughter, the bandits went into a bedroom where they confronted her son-in law. It was as if the bandits had knowledge of who slept in which room.※I was in the front room sleeping and they went into the middle room to my brother-in law. Between sleep and wake, I hear he (brother-in-law) arguing with somebody,§ recalled another one of Naz*s daughters, Bibi Zareena Singh.A bandit was telling her brother-in-law to get up and since he was rudely awakened the man took a while to comply.※I hear the bandit saying, &Like you want fight.* And I call out to my brother-in-law,§ Singh said.The sound of her voice gave her away, because a few seconds later, a bandit barged into her bedroom and dragged her out of her bed.※He rush in and tell me &Shut you mouth. Wha you keeping noise for?* When I go outside, I see they done tie up the rest of the family,§ Singh explained.Although Singh wasn*t tied up like the rest, she too did not get a good look at the bandits, since she was forced to the ground and ordered not to look up. All she could recall was that one of the bandits was wearing a pair of camouflage trousers.All the while the bandits were demanding cash and jewellery, threatening to kill if their demands were not complied with.※They keep asking, &whey de gold and US deh?* They say they gon beat we. They even lash me brother-in-law in he head with a gun,§ Singh said.Eventually, the family gave in and Singh*s sister took one of the bandits into a bedroom and gave him the cash and jewellery.The bandits then made good their escape but not before slashing the tyres of their victims* car.According to Singh, as the bandits were leaving, they also discharged a few rounds at the Canter truck driver and another employee who were reporting for work.The matter was subsequently reported to the police and investigations have been launched.
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Stakeholders are expected to meet with officials on Friday to determine what is causing a shortage of chicken and eggs on the local market.The dwindling supply is obviously compounding the problem of cost.Plucked chicken, as of yesterday, was averaging around $350 per pound retail while businesses said that? they are purchasing live chicken at around $210 per pound. This is up from $300 and $180 respectively from a month ago.Eggs which were sold four for $100 are now being sold three for $100 with a tray moving from $700 to between $850-$900 over the past month.Yesterday, Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud, acknowledged that the matter is engaging his ministry*s attention. On Friday,Air Max 97, a stakeholders* group, including suppliers and farmers alike, are expected to meet at the Ministry with Persaud to discuss this and other critical issues pertaining to the industry.According to David Fernandes, an official of Bounty farms, one of the largest suppliers of chicken to the local market, the problem is not so much in Guyana as there is a current shortage of eggs on the overseas market.The official stressed that his company*s supplies are secured and their prices for chicken at the various outlets have not been increased.While Bounty Farms has been able to secure its overseas supplier for hatchery eggs, not many other farms have been so lucky, Fernandes said. This is one of the main factors contributing to the shortage of chicken on the market. According to the businessman, Didco Trading, one of the largest suppliers of baby chicks, has managed to restart their import of eggs and only last week was able to hatch a large batch.Fernandes believes this will significantly boost the current supplies in as little as six weeks.Yesterday, a number of small retailers acknowledged that they have experiencing problems buying live chicken to pluck.
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Police on the East Coast of Demerara have their work cut out trying to determine who killed 31-year-old truck driver, Jadesh Dass called &Baby-o*, of Chelsea Park, Mahaica, whose body was discovered with its skull bashed in, early yesterday morning.Dass* body was found around 02:00hrs by his relatives and colleagues, a few feet from where he had parked the truck he was driving on the Unity, Mahaica New Road.Dead: Jadesh DassFrom all appearances, Dass, who was on his way to the sandpits, was forced to stop his truck on the dark and lonely thoroughfare by his killers, who then bludgeoned him before dumping his body on the nearby parapet close to the trench that runs parallel to the road.Such was the brutality of the attack on Dass that pieces of his skull were left at the spot where his body was lying.Investigators have almost ruled out robbery as a motive since the cash that Dass was carrying was still intact. They however detained one of Dass* neighbours for questioning, after reports surfaced that the truck driver was involved in a relationship with his wife.※Is all kinda things we hearing,§ said a relative, who confirmed that the police had detained the man who had previously employed Dass.The owner of the truck that Dass was driving, Nandkumar Gopaul, was also detained for questioning.Gopaul, before his arrest, had told this newspaper at the scene of the murder that Dass, who had been working for him since the beginning of the year, picked up the vehicle around 01:00h, as per normal.He was normally the first of Gopaul*s drivers to leave for the sandpits of the Linden/Soesdyke Highway.The truck owner said that Dass informed his other colleagues that he was going ahead of them and they said that they would follow in another truck.According to Gopaul, the other truck driver, while travelling along the Mahaica New Road, several minutes after Dass had left, noticed the now dead man*s truck parked in a dark section of the road, with the hazard lights on.At first, the other driver thought that Dass had been tending to a call of nature in the nearby bushes and he stopped to ensure that that was the case. However, after calling out for Dass and getting no answer, he became suspicious and decided to check the area around the truck.A detective dusts the truck Jadesh Dass (inset) was driving,Cheap NFL Jerseys, for fingerprintsHis suspicions were further aroused when he noticed Dass* cellular phone on the road, but there was still no sign of him.※When he (other driver) pick up de cell phone he say &dis nah look right* and he jump in back he truck and he turn back and he call me. Me next driver de coming down so I tell dem go at de scene and wait deh, me ah come. When me come, me check and me see he,§ the truck owner related. The dead man*s relatives had also been alerted, and they arrived with his colleagues.The truck owner immediately informed the police at the Mahaica Police Station.Gopaul said that he found it strange that Dass would stop at such a lonely spot – an observation also made by some of his colleagues.※Got to be like somebody drive up in front ah he. Because if me ah drive a vehicle pon a long road like dis and time like dat, me nah guh stop normal and pick up somebody. De truck hazard been on, so it got to be something mek he put on de hazard,§ Gopaul reasoned.※Dat man nah guh stop so. Even if he puncture and deh pon de road, he would pass and call somebody, he nah guh stop,§ another driver said.This is also the view of a relative who told this newspaper that Dass must have known his killer for him to stop his truck where he did.※Is a very lonely area, with no light. Dey did not attack him in the truck. He come out and like he put up a fight,§ the relative said.※His phone was there on the road, his wallet was still in his pocket and he had $20,000 in the truck,§ the relative added.Relatives and friends of the dead man believe that he was attacked by more than one person.The victim*s mother, Sookranie Dass, told this newspaper that her son left home around 12:55hrs, riding his bicycle to pick up the truck.An hour later she was awakened by persons calling at her gate.Relatives stare at the spot where Dass* body was discoveredThe callers were Dass*s truck-driving colleagues who informed his relatives that they were not finding him where his truck was parked.The woman said that she and other family members went to the scene where Dass* body was subsequently found.※When we go, we call and search, search and den we find he,§ Sookranie Dass recalled.For the elderly woman, her son*s death is another crushing blow, as she has had to bury her husband and daughter-in-law within the past three years.Dass* wife, she said, passed away two years ago.Apart from the two men in custody, detectives are questioning a few other employees of the trucking service as they try to determine the facts surrounding the brutal slaying.
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#releases privatisation deals between 1993-2011 – $25.6B in proceeds-$11.7B paid to TreasurySince taking office back in December 2011 and in one of his most significant moves to address lingering questions of transparency and accusations of corruption within the government,Cheap Nike Air Max 2018, President Donald Ramotar has released details of privatization deals done between 1993 and 2011.President Donald Ramotar with one of the key reports on privatization deals made during the last 15 years.The release of the reports comes after years of pressure on the ruling PPP/C to come clean on details. There have been questions in the National Assembly and in the media, but the answers were long in coming.The People*s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) assumed continuous power from 1992. It was following the November 2011 General and Regional Elections that Ramotar became President, immediately signaling his intentions to address the accusations of corruption that faced former and current ministers and other senior officials.Speaking at his first press conference for the year, the President made it clear that the transparency issue has been a sore one for a while now. At the heart of the problems is the operations of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) and its sister company, Privatisation Unit (PU). Both are state-owned agencies tasked with the management and privatisation of government assets.The manner in which NICIL had sold properties had seen Government again and again coming under fire. The deals include the New GPC deal with the Sanata complex and the use of monies to fund a Marriott Hotel.The release of the reports would clearly be seen as substantial and strategic move by President Ramotar to clean the image of his administration, and separate it from that of Bharrat Jagdeo government which has been tinged with corruption accusations.According to President Ramotar yesterday, the reports are in depth and should ※end a lot of speculations§ regarding transparency. Probably the most important of the report would be the ※Privatisation In Tables, Phase 11-1993-2011§, prepared by Winston Brassington, Executive Secretary and Head of the Privatisation Unit.Willing to talkRamotar said that NICIL*s annual reports have been tabled in the National Assembly up to 2010, # so ※all the talks of accountability#hope we can put that to rest.§Government, he insisted, is prepared to engage the opposition on all the major projects.※I have said it and I will state again#We are ready to work with them on any information on any of the projects.§However, a number of the projects are still in the making and because of its commercial implications, it would not be possible to make these public. But the President said he was more than willing to engage the Opposition to make the details available. Once the deals are sealed, the details will be made public.Three of the reports released by President Donald Ramotar yesterday.The main report, ※Privatisation in Tables§, which was recently approved by Cabinet, updates and details an earlier one issued in July 2008, entitled ※Guyana*s Privatisation Program: The Institutional Framework and Results for Phase II (1993 to 2009).§According to a separate statement from the Office of the President (OP) on the release, the report details every transaction handled by the Privatisation Unit and NICIL under the Phase II privatisation programme, started in July 1993.The report contains information including date advertised, date submitted to the Privatisation Board (by the PU) for consideration, date submitted to Cabinet for approval and date transaction is completed.It also includes details of the transaction – type of transaction, name of buyer, proceeds received, final destination of proceeds〞whether paid to Government or NICIL or any other entity.The report summarizes all of its transactions from 1993 to November 2012.$25.B proceedsOf a total of $25.6B in proceeds, $11.7B was paid to the Treasury, $6.4 B was capitalized (a form of privatisation), $4.8B paid to NICIL, and $2.6B paid to other entities.※The Government noted the substantial work of NICIL, and the Privatisation Unit and the success of its stakeholder Privatisation Board, which includes members of labour, consumers, and the private sector.§Government also pointed out that there was a substantial turnaround of state-owned entities relative to the 1990s, noting that since 2004, NICIL and all of its companies, have been net contributors in terms of dividends, taxes, investment, employment, without requiring Government funding, except in the cases of electricity subsidies to consumers and NCN public programming component.※NICIL/PU has also been at the forefront of developing public-private partnerships such as the Berbice Bridge, the Marriott project, and the Amaila Falls Hydro Project. The Government notes that in addition to the above, almost $13B in dividends has been paid by NICIL to the Treasury [$2.1 B from 1991 to 2001 (11 years); and $10.6 B from 2002 to 2012 (11 years).§Office of the President also stressed that most of this information is contained in NICIL*s accounts that have been public, with up to the 2010 report being laid in Parliament most recently.※The PPP-C Government is committed to transparency and accountability and will continue to expand and publish more on its companies (led by NICIL) and its privatisation programme.§
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Some three years after the management- improving report of Government officer Keith Burrows was handed over to City Hall executives, none of the 45 recommendations has been implemented.Ramon GaskinThis is according to Ramon Gaskin,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the consultant hired to monitor the report*s implementation progress.Gaskin has strongly criticized the Council for not accepting responsibility for the non- implementation of the recommendations.He is adamant that City Hall*s failure is based specifically on the laissez faire and corrupt culture of the Councils* operation. From his findings, Gaskin highlighted that the Mayor and Councilors were not earnestly seeking to ensure the implementation of the Burrows* Report. ※It is easy to say we accept the recommendations, but to ensure its implementation is another thing,§ he told Kaieteur News.Gaskin laid blame at the feet of the Mayor and City Councilors for the poor state of the city, given that Burrows* report dealt specifically with the administrative process of the city managing body, where it was felt that top brass improprieties were the main causes of the ※deteriorating Garden City.§Gaskin explained to Kaieteur News that sometime in 2009, Burrows, under the direction of the Government was tasked with looking into the administrative functions of City Hall with the aim of ascertaining management flaws that was hindering the Council*s smooth operation. This came as a result of information out of the Auditor General*s office about the financial irregularities at City Hall.Gaskin continued that the Burrows Report submitted 45 recommendations to address City Hall*s administrative problems which included? fraud, theft, misuse and mismanagement of resources ,but years later the city has failed to improve, because of its non- implementation.Gaskin was then tasked, some three years later with checking the progress of the implementation. ※Not one of those recommendations was implemented,§ he said.? He added that during his investigation of City Hall, although he was not given the task, he too discovered other discrepancies and formulated his own report which saw the police being called in to address criminal offences occurring at the Council.City Mayor Hamilton Greene and his Deputy Patricia Chase- Greene explained in a previous report that the Council cannot cope with the constant imposition of town clerks by the government, who continuously refuse to give the Council 100 percent dedication.Keith BurrowsThey added also that the Council endorsed the Burrows Report but its implementation was outside of their power, since the town clerks were the ones refusing to carry them through.Gaskin suggested however, that it is a poor excuse by the Council since three years later, there was no sign of any effort being made to implement the recommendations. Gaskin said that he is unaware of any Council minutes in which they would have questioned regarding a follow up on the recommendations.※Council and management has to ensure that the administration implement the Burrows* Report,§ he charged. ※But the Burrows* Report was never revisited.§ The report spoke to the financial, personnel and management aspect of administration among other things. It looked at accountability and transparency.§Gaskin*s report also highlighted grave matters such as the Councils* financial books not being audited for the last 10 years because records are unavailable, while others are difficult to follow. Fraudulent transactions, including a payment made to a bogus company affiliated with a staff member*s family also surfaced.? Brand new compactor trucks not in use and parked, fuel theft, sold resources unaccounted for and missing funds was also recognized.This would have been the recurring matter Gaskin said, opining that it is a continuous culture at City Hall, which ※is accepted.§ ※It is just like a house; if you are comfortable with your house one way and someone comes and tells you to do something else, you will not change years after if you accept the way it is.§ Despite his input and intervention in pivotal areas ensuring the smooth operation of the Council, nothing was done, he reiterated.Gaskin said that some findings at City Hall warranted criminal proceedings against some of the past town clerks, engineers and treasurers. The Local Government Ministry has however opted to fire these persons and replace them, whileCity Hallthe Mayor and City Councilors continue to make excuses.While Burrows accepted that enough was not done to ensure changes at City Hall, he was adamant that massive re-planning is needed in maintaining the city. He said yesterday that his report alone cannot suffice for what the city needs and opined that the city is modernizing under old foundations and principles.
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The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) has been rocked by another maternal death. Aseelah Haqq, 33 of 114 Middle Walk Buxton, East Coast Demerara, succumbed Sunday night after giving birth to a 12-pound baby girl.According to Minister of Health, Dr Leslie Ramsammy, if there is any malpractice on behalf of any medical official at the GPHC, an investigation will be carried out through a process that will take a few weeks.A post-mortem is to be done on Wednesday. Sources at the GPHC disclosed that a meeting would be convened today to evaluate what went wrong after the delivery took place.According to her sister,Nike Roshe Run Sale Outlet, Ayesha Haqq, she visited the hospital yesterday morning to collect her niece but was told to seek permission from the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, where consent was given.※They at the hospital need to deal with people like human beings and not like animals.§ Haqq exclaimed.This newspaper understands that the woman was a diabetic and had surgery for appendicitis earlier in the year, which was not properly healed. However, she was to deliver her child by C-section but had a natural delivery that contributed to her demise.Relatives disclosed that an ultra-sound was done and it was found that the child was very large and Haqq needed to have a C-section, but she was forced to have a natural delivery.Haqq said a doctor told her that while her sister was in delivery there were complications internally, which caused her to bleed heavily leading to her death.Relatives are alleging that the negligence and unprofessionalism of the nurses and doctors at the GPHC caused the demise of the mother of four.Relatives are also calling on the Health Minister to launch an investigation surrounding the death of Aseelah Haqq.
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Gunmen dressed in Muslim grabs yesterday tricked an Eccles, East Bank Demerara religious leader and escaped with millions in cash and jewelry.? The incident occurred around 14:30 hrs at Eccles Old Road.According to reports, an 80-year-old religious leader, who asked not to be named, was at home with his caretaker when four men dressed in Muslim clothing ※from head to toe§ and appeared to be in their late 20s entered the property.The caretaker said that the men called and when she peeped out from the verandah, they told her that they have a package for the religious leader but he has to sign to uplift it.※After they tell me that he has to sign for it, he come down and open the door and is turn back, he turn back to get a pen when one of them come in and hold the gun to him,§ the caretaker claimed.She explained that the men demanded cash and jewelry from him but because he (80-year-old) is suffering from hearing impairment,Wholesale Jerseys NFL, he did not respond to them. That reportedly angered the men who demanded that the caretaker lie on the floor, even as they pointed their weapon at her and stripped her of her gold jewelry.Upon observing this, the religious leader, fearing for his caretaker*s life took the men to the upper flat and showed them the safe.※I don*t keep money home but I was leaving the country next week so I leave like about $500,000 home and the rest was jewelry,§ the 80-year-old man claimed.He added that he has been living at the property for over 50 years and nothing like yesterday*s incident ever happened.The caretaker told Kaieteur News that ※when they get the money and jewelry, one of them told another one to go start the car. The other three waited for couple minutes and then they run out.§She added that she strongly believes that someone within the neighbourhood is responsible for yesterday*s incident, since neither she nor the religious leader had ever seen the bandits.Police were present at the property dusting for fingerprints. Sources revealed that detectives are of the view that the men fled to a neighbouring village, Bagotstown.Romila Boodram)
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A businessman was yesterday remanded to prison after it was alleged that he had an illegal firearm and ammunition in his possession.Magistrate Ann McLennan remanded Naipaul Basdeoram to prison after he was accused of having a .380 pistol in his possession when he was not the holder of a firearm license.Basdeoram was also accused of having nine matching rounds of .38 ammunition. He denied the allegations after they were read to him at the Georgetown Magistrate Court.Police Corporal, Neville Jeffers, informed the court that on the day in question, ranks from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) acting on information went to the home of the defendant and conducted a search in his presence. The articles were found in his bedroom when he admitted to possessing them.He further stated that a friend left the firearm in his car and he took it into the house.Police Corporal Jeffers objected to bail and stated that the police contacted the friend and he denied the allegations.Basdeoram was then cautioned on the objects,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, and mentioned that the defendant had pending matters.Dexter Todd, Basdeoram*s Attorney, in an unsuccessful bail application told the court that his client has an unblemished criminal record.He contended that on the date in question the defendant was home when the CID approached him where he requested whether the police possessed a search warrant.The attorney said that the defendant was taken to the Vigilance Police Station; he was informed that the particles were recovered from his home. His attorney claimed that he was not the only occupant in the home and they were not required in his presence.Bail was opposed by the prosecutor because no special reason was advanced by the lawyer to satisfy the court.This matter will be called again on July 24.
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By Nick Miroff(Washington Post) Venezuelan President Nicol芍s Maduro is facing a staggering array of problems far too numerous and severe to list here. Things were already going badly before global oil prices tanked, so now they*re a lot worse.With Venezuelan crude down to about $50 a barrel, Maduro*s government has been devouring its foreign currency reserves and plunging deeper into debt, though not fast enough to keep supermarkets stocked. Annual inflation is the highest in the world, and the country*s largest bank note, 100 ※Strong Bolivars,§ is now worth just 17 U.S. cents on the black market. The country may soon?run?low on beer.It might come as something of a surprise, then, to see that the Venezuelan president*s most pressing concern in recent days is not a shortage of milk, surgical supplies or contraceptives. It is a vigorous and noisy campaign to take control of a large swath of South American savannah and jungle, known as the Essequibo, that belongs to neighboring Guyana.For the past several days, Maduro has been assuring Venezuelans, many of whom are busy queuing up for groceries and basic goods, that his government is working to achieve a ※great victory§ and take control of the disputed Essequibo, an area equal to two-thirds of Guyanese territory.Venezuelan President Nicol芍s Maduro points on a map to the border between Venezuela and Guyana, at the presidential palace in Caracas, Venezuela, on July 8, 2015. (EPA/MIRAFLORES PRESS HANDOUT)Possession of the Essequibo 〞 named for the big jungle river flowing through it 〞 was granted to Guyana, then a British colony, by an arbitration judge in 1899. Venezuela challenged the ruling as unfair in 1962, and the dispute has been quietly simmering ever since.※We are going to take back what our grandparents left for us,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys 2018,§ Maduro told his country last week. He asked U.N. General Secretary Ban Ki-moon to provide a new round of international arbitration, while promising ※a great victory§ over Guyana ※by peaceful means.§Maduro has assigned a retired army colonel, Pompeyo Torrealba, to lead a newly formed government agency, the ※Essequibo Rescue Office,§ whose plans include issuing 200,000 Venezuelan identification cards to the Guyanese living in the area.Torrealba said it would devise an advertising campaign for Guyanese families living in the jungle aimed at ※approaching them, getting to know them, winning them over and earning their love.§Setting aside for a moment the matter of political and economic priorities, the attempt to take control of two-thirds of Guyana is a somewhat strange one in light of the hard-earned reputation of Maduro*s political mentor, the late Hugo Ch芍vez, as a big-hearted, tireless advocate for the world*s poor.After all, tiny Guyana is one of the most impoverished countries in South America, while Venezuela sits atop the world*s largest proven oil reserves.Guyana was seemingly intent on closing this petro-gap and cashing in on its geography when it signed an?offshore drilling agreement with ExxonMobil. In May, the company announced a ※significant find§ 120 miles off the Guyanese coast adjacent to the disputed Essequibo.The Venezuelan government, which had objected to the company*s operation in the area, demanded that ExxonMobil leave. Maduro then issued a decree claiming Venezuelan control over the waters off the coast of the Essequibo and quite a bit beyond that. The decree left little more than a pitiful little slice of sea for Guyana itself.The dispute has pushed tensions between the two countries?to their highest point in decades, particularly as Maduro blasts Guyanese ※aggression§ and accuses President David Granger, who took office in May, of ※provoking§ his country, casting?him as a lackey of foreign oil companies and U.S. imperialism.It doesn*t help that Venezuela has a long-running dispute with ExxonMobil as well, stemming from Chavez*s nationalization of the company*s properties in 2007. Other U.S. multinationals, like Chevron, continue to work in partnership with the Maduro government.During the 14 years that Chavez was president, the competing Essequibo claims?were largely smoothed over by generous oil subsidies to Guyana through Venezuela*s Petrocaribe assistance program.But Granger*s election ended two decades of rule by the leftist party that was friendly with Chavez and Maduro. He has denounced Maduro*s campaign as ※obnoxious and oppressive,§ viewing it as a veiled military threat.Addressing a summit of CARICOM Caribbean states earlier this month, Granger said ※any state that systematically, cynically and sedulously seeks to repudiate solemn international agreements and to undermine the security and sovereignty of another state must be condemned.§The CARICOM group of nations, which includes some of the biggest recipients of Venezuelan oil largesse, sided last week with Guyana. They urged Maduro to withdraw his claim to Guyana*s maritime claim.But Maduro seems to have little incentive to dial back the nationalism. With an approval rating in the mid-20s and parliamentary elections scheduled for December, he may have found a useful distraction from unending bad news of economic meltdown. And Venezuela*s opposition leaders aren*t sticking up for Guyana either.
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When a boy kiss a gyal fuh de first time he never forget. In fact, when people do things fuh de first time dem does end up in shock. That is wha happen to de Lunch Man. He tell de truth and when he realize that he actually talk de truth he tun round and get vex wid de Waterfalls paper fuh publishing de truth.Dem boys seh that before he get vex wid de Waterfalls paper he get vex wid he mouth and he actually slap he own mouth.Jagdeo did plan to slap he but he tell de man that he guh slap he own self. He seh that he too old fuh tek slap from li*l boys.De truth of de story is that de crook, Jagdeo, did talk about mineral exploration in de area. He Cabinet colleagues was against he using de area in de first place but he bully dem.When de reporters corner Luncheon, he couldn*t help but talk de truth. He didn*t bargain fuh Jagdeo getting vex when people expose he. Is now dem boys know that de Cabinet was not a democracy, that wha Jagdeo seh is de law and wha anybody else think don*t count.That is why he get vex wid Luncheon. And poor Luncheon, after Jagdeo cuss he, decide to tek it out pun de Waterfalls paper. Dem boys seh that he new name is Dinner Man.He claim how he write a letter to Uncle Adam. Uncle Adam ain*t see no letter. Dinner Man did not press de &send* button.He challenge de reportah to print word fuh word wha he seh. But de Big Market paper beat him to de punch. Dem print de thing even before he ask.And dem boys ask de reportah fuh print wha Dinner Man seh, word fuh word〞nah verbatim. That is a word dem nah understand. Only de shaat crook, Ash Knee,Wholesale China Jerseys, and de fat crook, Brazzy, know dem word that. In fact, dem nah only know word, dem know sentence and clause.Dem boys plan fuh dress one of dem like Santa Claus and beat he down de road.And as is Christmas, dem boys got a story. Dem remember when Brazzy guh to commit suicide last year.Brazzy was sad because of de cuss he get fuh all dem project that he had to put in place.Thinking that it would be best to get it over with quickly, he took out he pistol and decide to shoot heself in the heart.Not wanting to miss the heart and become a vegetable he call Dinner Man to inquire as to just exactly where the heart would be.※Your heart would be just below your left breast.§He was admitted to the hospital with a gunshot wound to he knee.? As a fat man he breast sag.Talk half and sorry fuh Dinner Man.