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Barker¡¯s body in the cemeteryResidents of Soesdyke got an unpleasant surprise early yesterday morning when they discovered the battered body of an ex-convict in a nearby cemetery.The partly-clad body of 36-year-old Rickford Barker,NFL Jerseys Outlet From China, of Hyde Park, Timehri, was found at around 06:00 hrs in the cemetery,Cheap Wholelsale NFL jerseys, located near the Soesdyke main road.Police say that the back of Barker¡¯s head bore a gaping wound, while there were several abrasions on his back.One source suggested that Barker may have been beaten with a fan-belt.A pair of blue jeans and a pair of black sneakers,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, reportedly belonging to the slain man, were found a short distance from the body.Police have received reports that Barker was the victim of a vigilante-style beating by persons who suspected that he had broken into a shop in the area.Police and relatives confirmed that Barker was released from prison about a week ago. Most residents who spoke to Kaieteur News said that they heard nothing unusual, since it rained heavily on Friday night.However, one resident said that she heard screams during the night, but assumed that youths in the neighbourhood were playing in the street.Another resident said that she looked outside at around 05:00 hrs yesterday and saw a man, whom she believes was Barker, standing on the roadway near her home.She said that she overheard someone saying: “Doan leh he move, wait till the police come fuh he.”A relative of Barker¡¯s said that he was at a shop when someone informed him that Barker was dead. This information was confirmed when he went to the cemetery and saw the body.According to the relative, police found 29 sweets in one of Barker¡¯s pockets. They believe that the sweets were part of the man¡¯s ill-gotten gains from a burglary.According to one report,wholesale nfl jerseys, the ex-convict and an accomplice had broken into a shop in the Soesdyke area.The two men had reportedly gone for a ¡®smoke¡¯,NFL Jerseys Cheap, when they were apprehended by a group of men.According to the report, the men released Barker¡¯s accomplice,Wholesale Jerseys, but exacted vigilante justice on the ex-convict.Kaieteur News understands that at least one of the suspects has been identified, but it is unclear whether he has been arrested.An autopsy is likely to be performed on the body of Barker on Monday.
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A Guyanese vessel has been detained in Jamaica with a quantity of narcotics. The MV Northele departed Guyana¡¯s shores from the John Fernandes wharf on Sunday last, and was detained in Jamaica on Tuesday with a quantity of narcotics worth some J¡¯ca $62M.The captain and four crew members were detained,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, but were subsequently released as investigations continue.Security has since been beefed up at the facility, with a greater police presence, following a request from the management. Everything is checked, and people are being searched as they enter the wharf area.Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture is expressing its concern about the recent reports about agricultural produce,Supply NFL Jerseys Factory, agro-processed products, fisheries and forestry products being used to conceal illicit and illegal drugs, when these products are being exported from Guyana.The ministry, in a release, stated that it has been working with the law enforcement agencies and will be refusing to issue licences to persons or companies suspected of being involved or convicted of dealing with illegal drugs.¡°Using agricultural produce and products to conceal illegal drugs severely tarnishes Guyana¡¯s image as it positions itself to be a major supplier of agricultural produce and products.¡±The Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) also advised that all forest produce to be exported must be graded independently, and then verified by the GFC.Additionally,Cheap Jerseys China, the GFC and the Customs and Trade Administration (CTA) have an arrangement which specifies that the GFC is informed prior to the loading of forest produce into containers,China Jerseys Free Shipping, or on to vessels for export.This allows the GFC to confirm that the produce being shipped is exactly what was inspected and approved for export.Recently, some Nibbi furniture was exported from Guyana. US law enforcement agencies intercepted this export cargo and discovered that a quantity of cocaine was hidden in the furniture.A review of the GFC export database indicated that the GFC had no records of any such shipment being inspected and verified, in accordance with standard procedures.Further, the GFC was not informed prior to loading of this produce into the container and vessel, in keeping with the agreed practice.The GFC has provided the CTA with this information,Wholesale China Jerseys, and is working with the CTA, Customs Anti Narcotics Unit (CANU) and other relevant agencies to improve the necessary security measures,Cheap Jerseys USA, to prevent any such recurrences, which only tarnish the name of Guyana and legitimate exporters of forest produce.
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A husband and wife from Charity Housing Scheme, Region Two, died after a truck toppled yesterday at Buck Hall.Reportedly dead are Stacy Ann DeFreitas and her husband, Kurt.While reports were sketchy, Kaieteur News understands that the two were in the truck with others heading to a gold dredging operations at Buck Hall,Wholesale China Jerseys, located in the backdams of Region Two.Tony Persaud,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China, said to be the truck owner¡¯s son; Edward Savory, 38,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, of Adventure; Rohit Narine,Cheap NFL Jerseys, 30,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, of HuisT¡¯Dieren, were admitted to the Suddie Public Hospital, Essequibo Coast.Reports are De Freitas, Kurt and her nephew, 19-year-old Carlos Benn were traveling in the truck when it overturned.Rita Benn, De Freitas’s mother, was inconsolable,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, and said she learnt of the tragic loss when she received a phone call from a woman in the Buck Hall area on Tuesday afternoon. Rita said all she was told is that the truck that her daughter was in and the injured was traveling in ¡°toppled over¡±.Police have since gone into the area and are conducting investigations, this newspaper learnt.
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Farmlands in a civilian community cannot be under military watch. This is immoral and illegal, and in Guyana¡¯s case it is another form of discrimination, since other communities do not have to face the same fate.??? These were the views expressed by Region Four Chairman Clement Colette yesterday.In an interview with Kaieteur News, Mr Corlette said that he will be seeking the reversal of the directives to the army as they relate to Buxton.The armed forces are currently operating under instructions to prevent any civilian access to the backlands of the community.Yesterday, Mr Corlette,Authentic MLB Jerseys Online, along with Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud and a team from the Ministry of Agriculture,Cheap NFL Jerseys, visited the Buxton/Friendship backlands to inspect ongoing works under the compensation programme.They also discussed agricultural development with farmers from the area.During the visit, Mr Corlette said that, while there seems to be a ¡®casual understanding¡¯ between the farmers and the patrolling ranks, there are times when farmers are being ¡®harassed.¡¯¡°I will have to pursue it until that is reversed¡­Even though you do not have barbed wire around the place, it is still an occupation of the village and farm lands.¡±The Regional Chairman said that while the efforts by the Ministry of Agriculture are appreciated, there cannot be a standing military order when attempts are being made to restore people to their farmlands.¡°I will be very much ashamed of myself if I stay quite on this. I cannot! It is not right! It is not happening in other parts of the country,¡± the Chairman said.He conceded that there was a time when there was much anxiety and the order might have been necessary, but it is no longer necessary now, and it should be reversed.¡°I can say that there have not been any major incidents between the joint forces and the farmers.¡±Corlette said that he has since spoken to the Minister of Agriculture on the issue and is awaiting a response.He added that he will now be making attempts to have discussions with Commodore Gary Best on the issue.The few farmers that were present during the visit yesterday told this newspaper that of recent they have not had many problems with the Joint Services.According to the farmers, the minor incidents occur when patrol ranks are changed.¡°When the unit operating in the area (is changed) change, we get some problems until they get familiar with we,Cheap Jerseys 2018,¡± one farmer said.Responding to Mr Corlette¡¯s call, Minister Robert Persaud told Kaieteur News that the Joint Services have not been stopping farmers from entering the area.He added that the ministry, however, will not impede any security arrangement,Cheap NFL Jerseys, but will ensure farmers are not disadvantaged.During the visit to the community yesterday, Persaud inspected drainage works and met with some farmers.The Ministry of Agriculture will also be ploughing some 38 acres of lands in the area as a mean of assisting farmers to return to cultivation.A significant quantity of seeds and chemicals will be distributed to farmers in the area, Persaud said.The minister noted yesterday that,Wholesale China Jerseys Free Shpping, by the end of another three months, he is hoping that the area would have been fully cultivated and normalcy would have been restored.He noted that the ministry is working through the religious organizations in the community in an attempt to have more young people involved in agriculture.According to Persaud, farmers in the community are now getting an opportunity they have not had in many years; and, as such, his ministry will be working with them in order for them to get maximum benefit from the opportunities.As part of the de-bushing exercise in the Buxton/Friendship backlands by the Joint Services,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China Online, as part of ¡®Operation Restore Order,¡¯ the Ministry of Agriculture has established a compensation programme which has addressed farmers¡¯ concerns.This programme is aimed at ensuring minimal disruption to farmers¡¯ livelihoods while returning to farmlands.
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With the year almost at its end the Guyana Power and Light Company has begun negotiation with the National Association of Agricultural,Cheap Jerseys, Commercial and Industrial Employees on fringe benefits for the year.According to General Secretary of the Union,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, Kenneth Joseph,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, the negotiations began on Wednesday and so far the talks are not favorable to the union.He stated that the benefits the company is offering for the various allowances which include meals among others are not what they are willing to accept.Joseph said in the meantime the union has appeal to the power company to come up with a counter proposal for the past two years (2007-2008) since there were no benefit discussions for those years.He added that the Union has given the power company an ultimatum to come up with the counter proposal or go to arbitration.Joseph said that the union has taken note of the offers made by the power company and now they are preparing to hold discussions with their workers at the different locations.The two parties are expected to meet again next week when further discussions would be held.In addition Joseph said that the power company has not yet seen it fit to hold any discussions about wages increases so far for this year.
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In a remarkable feat of patriotism and bravery, Anna Hazare¡¯s fight for the wellbeing of his belovedIndia has come to a triumphant close.Last night, the Indian Parliament in New Delhi unanimously passed a resolution accepting Hazare¡¯sdemands on the Jan Lokpal Bill and incorporating elements from it in a new draft. Supporters around thenation went into an uproar as the news spread across the airwaves after Parliament conceded to theHazare¡¯s demands.Anna Hazare being examined by doctors during his fastHazare began his hunger strike demanding a strong anti-corruption legislation on Aug 16 and spentthree nights in jail after being briefly arrested and then bargaining his way out to take his protest to theRamlila Maidan in New Delhi, where it drew thousands of supporters over the week. Faced with anoutpouring of public resentment, the government, which has been battered in recent months withscores of corruption scam exposures,Cheap MLB Jerseys, first made attempts at a direct negotiation with Hazare¡¯s aides onlyafter the protests entered their second week.Hazare put forward three major points for a resolution in the House, acceptance of which would haveseen him break his fast. Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee with a statement in the Lok Sabhainitiated the debate. Mukherjee urged Hazare to break his fast. He said there is agreement on 20 of 40basic principles put forward by government and the civil society. He urged the lawmakers to give theirresponses on the issues of Lokpal within the framework of the Constitution.“We are at a crossroads. I am not exaggerating. The entire nation is watching. The world’s largestdemocracy is at a very crucial stage,” Mukherjee said.Later speaking on the bill, Leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj said the government Lokpal lacked teeth and so the people got agitated. Shesaid people are so fed up with the scams that they joined the popular protest.Sushma demanded that the Prime Minister should be under the Lokpal as well and argued that if he can be underthe Indian Penal Code and existing anti-corruption law, why he cannot be under an ombudsman to fightgraft. Earlier, Anna Hazare yesterday morning said he would continue to fast until his last, since he wasemboldened and energized by the people who joined him spontaneously.Anna has placed before the government three key demands for a strong Lokpal institution.His group is sticking to the demand of appointments of Lokayuktas in every state, a citizen charter and inclusion of lower bureaucracy under the anti-corruption agency. He on Friday wrote a letter to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh urging him to bring a resolution in Parliament that calls for these three major demands to fight corruption nationwide.The area near the Balgandharva Rangamandir at Rani Laxmibai Chowk, Shivajinagar, which was the hubof the people’s agitation in support of Hazare’s indefinite fast in New Delhi, became the focal point ofthe celebrations. Young activists burst crackers, waved the tricolour and raised slogans hailing Hazare.The slogan ‘Anna Hazare zindabad’ rent the air. A number of people said Anna Hazare had createdhistory with his 12-day-long fast and now the government would be required to take care that he wouldnot be required to go on a fast again.A more elaborate celebration will be held on Sunday when people gather in various locations tocelebrate the historic achievement.
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By Sunita SamarooOutstanding 20th century leader, visionary, innovator, builder, educator and women rights advocate were just a few of the words voiced to describe the nation¡¯s First Executive President and Founder Leader of the People¡¯s National Congress (PNC), Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham during the commemoration of his 30th death anniversary yesterday.A section of the gathering yesterday.At a late-afternoon ceremony held by the National Congress of Women (NCW), the unique political and philosophical beliefs of the nation¡¯s former leader were brought into focus. Burnham, some renowned figures said, was not fully appreciated for the contributions he made in his time and the vision he had for the nation was grossly misunderstood.Among those who gathered to pay tribute to the late leader were members of the party that he founded, Ministers of Government, longstanding city Mayor, Hamilton Green, members of his family and representatives of the NCW.In brief remarks, Minister of Social Cohesion, Amna Ally, hailed Burnham as the father of the nation. She said even as an academic and Attorney-at-Law, politics was in Burnham¡¯s blood.Ally reflected that the nation¡¯s former leader propelled the nation¡¯s growth as he was an indefatigable foe of apartheid, a visionary, an advocate for women¡¯s rights. He was alsoGuyanese Icon, Musician Eddy Grant during his reflectionsconcerned for youth development.¡°He served the nation well and eventually earned the Order of Excellence,¡± remarked Ally. Burnham, she reflected, was a great international leader who served his country, the Caribbean and the world at large with distinction.Vice Chairperson of the National Congress of Women (NCW) and Minister of Social Protection, Volda Lawrence told the gathering that the former President, who died in 1985, was born in Kitty, earned a British Guiana Scholarship and read for his Law Degree at the University of London.The gathering was told that Burnham, who later became a Senior Counsel, was involved in the local government and once held the post of Mayor. Lawrence added that Burnham, a trade unionist, was once the President of the Guyana Labour Union.The NCW Chairperson divulged that the former President played a vital role in shaping the economical, social and political spheres of the country. His contributions and achievements as President, she related, were many to Guyana, the Caribbean and the world.To party members, she said Burnham was more than a founding leader and nation builder. He was a father figure and role model.¡°I can go on and on about his clairvoyance, how he lived ahead of his time, his dedication and his enduring legacy, spirit of independence and self-determination. Today, had he been alive heGYSM Executive, Dave Danny, during a riveting poetry recital.would have been 92 years and as we commemorate the anniversary of his death, let us remember him for what he is: one of the most outstanding leaders of the 20th century,¡± Lawrence said to a resounding round of applause.The NCW Chairperson urged those who gathered to remember the Burnham legacy and honour his memory.¡°This man was a complex and intriguing personality. We owe him for his commitment to nation building and the foundation that he laid for the cultural and economic liberation of this country. Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham was a man who devoted his life to serve and his vision is still current today,¡± Lawrence posited.Guyanese icon,China Jerseys NFL, Eddy Grant filled the audience¡¯s ears with memories of Burnham. He emphasised that the former leader was ¡°all about inclusiveness.¡± Defending his friend, Grant said ¡°When all is said and done, he (Burnham) is the single greatest visionary this region has produced.¡±He said that the former President foresaw what others couldn¡¯t at the time and problems arose because the population was not prepared. The former President, the gathering heard, gave much thought to the beauty of his country and the resources it has, but was under-appreciated.¡°He told us about our wood, gold, our women,¡± said Grant who added that the former leader went as far as to educate the Caribbean and the rest of the world. Grant expressed that the population was blinded to how special the former leader was.¡°He was a special character with all the gifts of a leader¡­Guyana has suffered as a result of the loss of Forbes Burnham,¡± the Guyanese icon reflected. Burnham, in his eyes too, was an inclusive leader, ¡°a man who thought great things of small people.¡±Grant said he has planted thirty palms in his memory.Meanwhile, General Secretary of the PNC, Oscar Clarke spoke of their 1964 Manifesto, The New Road, where Burnham said Guyana was struggling to survive as a nation, torn by decision and impoverished as a result of partisanship and incompetence.¡°It needs a new breath of life, it needs unity and purpose. It cries out for leadership that is national, not sectional; leadership inspired with the ideal of building a free, prosperous and democratic nation where fear is banished and a man is a man,¡± Clarke recited.Burnham, he said, believed that it was only through unity of purpose and action that a nation, free, democratic and prosperous would have been built.The founding leader¡¯s goals, Clarke said, is also being reflected by the David Granger-led administration.The ceremony was done at the NCW Headquarters which also houses a monument of the former leader. Wreaths were laid at the moment by various figures. Among those who partook in the wreath-laying included, the former President¡¯s son-in-law, Dr. Richard Van West Charles, Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan, PNC Member, Sharma Solomon and Eddy Grant.
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Psychotherapist and former Government Minister Dr. Faith Harding will be buried on Friday. Her body can be viewed from 11:00hrs to 12:15hrs atThe memorial outside Dr. Harding¡¯s home yesterdayMerriman¡¯s Funeral Home, then taken to Christ Church Anglican Church for funeral service at 15:00hrs.? Viewing is between 14:00hrs and 15:00hrs.She will be interred at Le Repentir Cemetery at 16:00hrs.Meanwhile a memorial has been set up outside her Anira Street, Queenstown home,Cheap NFL Jerseys 2018, whereby members of the public can stop and pay their respects to the veteran politician and mental health practitioner.Dr Harding died last Friday at the St Joseph Mercy Hospital in the city after a period of illness.
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Government has allocated the sum of $61.7M to carry out repairs to the structurally unsound $1B Kato Secondary School in Region Eight (Potaro/Siparuni).$61.7M has been allocated to repair defective Kato Secondary School.The school was constructed by Kares Engineering Company and was expected to open in January this year, however the project came under intense scrutiny following the discovery of a number of defects.A technical audit was subsequently carried out by a private company and the findings were presented to the National Assembly by Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson some months ago.The audit revealed that approximately 60 percent of the project was defective, with another 30 percent just over the borderline. Only 10 percent of the project was deemed structurally sound,China Jerseys, according to Patterson.Cabinet also examined the report,Wholesale Jerseys China, the roles of the supervising consultant, construction and cost of remedial works to be done. The findings had resulted in cabinet recommending that the Attorney General¡¯s Chambers review the report.¡°The building of the school at Kato, what those findings revealed (are) nothing short of criminal,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,¡± the Minister of Natural Resources was quoted in the media as saying.The project is the brainchild of the former administration ¨C the People¡¯s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) and was initially billed at $780M, but the then administration later disclosed that the final tally could be about $1B.The school was intended to be a ¡®super structure¡¯, which would cater for 400 students,Jerseys Authentic Stitched, 250 of whom will be accommodated in the dormitory.The 2017 allocation is provided for under a provision of $465.8M under the Ministry of Education¡¯s Capital Secondary Education delivery 2017 work programme. This was according to Junior Minister of Education,Wholesale Jerseys, Nicolette Henry, during the consideration of her Ministry¡¯s estimates in the National Assembly on Wednesday last.This $465.8M allocation, based on the 2017 Estimates of the Public Sector,Cheap MLB Jerseys, also includes funds for the completion of the South Ruimveldt Secondary School ground; the extension of The Bishops¡¯ High School; the multi-purpose complex at Queen¡¯s College; and the reconstruction of St. Rose¡¯s High School.During the consideration of the estimates also, the Minister said that the company had indicated its interest in effecting the needed repairs. She explained that $66 Million was budgeted for the school¡¯s completion in 2016; however, the money was not expended due to the legal issues arising from the defects in the school¡¯s structure.
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¨C Advisory Board ChairmanYesterday several stakeholders participated in a Fire Prevention seminar hosted by the Guyana Fire Service, the Hand-in-Hand Mutual Fire and Life Insurance, the Fire Advisory Board and the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry.The forum was aimed at sensitising the business community and raising awareness of the importance of fire prevention and general safety issues. Among the areas of discussion were: Fire Prevention issues; Fire Safety & the business community; the role and responsibility of the business community in Fire Prevention; the Chemistry of Combustion; Evacuation Procedures; Housekeeping; Storage Procedures; and a practical demonstration on the Use and Operation of Fire Extinguishers.During the opening session, Chairman of the Fire AdvisoryA section of the participants at yesterday¡¯s Fire Prevention Seminar.Board, Mr. Raj Singh,NFL Jerseys From China, said the agencies involved should be lauded for the initiative as it has grown since its commencement in November 2010. According to Singh,Wholesale Jerseys China, when the seminar first started there were only 25 participants, in 2011 there were 50 and yesterday¡¯s event attracted just over 100 participants.¡°We have now outgrown this venue, this augurs very well for the importance that this particular issue of fire prevention and fire safety plays in our everyday lives¡± Singh pointed out.He added that fire prevention is a very commonsense and proactive issue and its results are very difficult to measure since it is well nigh impossible to measure the cost that is saved when an accident is prevented by good housekeeping measures and such other simple fire prevention techniques.¡°A fire avoided by prudent measures cannot be measured if that event never actually happened by the exercise of good fire prevention habits and techniques.¡±Singh further thanked Hand-in-Hand for its sponsorship of the event and the GCCI, AINLIM and DOCOL for their contribution.¡°This public/private sector partnership continues to be very strong and hopefully will continue to grow in the years to come and continue to play a very pivotal role in the calendar of educational activities of the Fire Advisory Board¡± Singh added.Further,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, who also made a presentation at the seminar,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, lauded the efforts of the Private Sector for what he describes as good corporate citizenship.Rohee said that over the years the Chamber of Commerce has been a strong supporter of the ideas of fire prevention and its Chairman, Mr. Clinton Urling, has made a significant contribution. The Minister pointed out that not only has the Chamber been making contributions to the Fire Advisory Board but it has also been integrally involved in policy making.According to the Minister,NHL Jerseys China, it is the public¡¯s perception that his Ministry is more focused on Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Prison Service, but this is not the case.¡°The challenges that the Guyana Fire Service face are peculiar to the challenges of the other two organizations, but these challenges are being dealt with,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, with an aim of correcting them.¡±To this end, the Minister said that efforts will be made to have more public relations done for the Guyana Fire Service since a lot is being done within and for that organization.¡°Daily we see articles about these organizations in the news, but one needs to be fair while they seek to highlight the negatives, they should also highlight the positives as we are seeing developments.¡±Rohee further pointed out that only recently officers from the Guyana Fire Service and a team from his Ministry were on a retreat where discussions were held about the challenges and the way forward.¡°Over the two days we came up with a number of recommendations and action to be taken, and this will constitute part of the action plan for this year and onwards of the Guyana Fire Service.¡± Rohee concluded by opining that the Fire Prevention Seminar should be emulated by other sectors.Also yesterday, the winners of the Fire Advisory Board School¡¯s Essay Competition were presented with their prizes. The competition was held during July and September of last year and was run under two age categories – 10-13 and 14-16. Several schools participated, with the following persons being announced as the winners in each category: 10-13 age group: Regina Lynch -St Margaret¡¯s Primary, Talisha Rawlins – Success Elementary, Aaliyah Seeram – Success Primary; 14-16 category: Marian Khan – St. Stanislaus College, Akshaya Bankay – St Stanislaus College and Alisha Singh – St. Stanislaus College.
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– says future of mining town in jeopardyPresident Donald Ramotar last night pleaded with Lindeners to return the bauxite mining town to a state of normalcy, as the community entered its fourth week of protest actions over electricity tariff hike.In an unusual move, the Head of State issued an open letter to the people of Linden,Wholesale MLB Jerseys 2018, insisting that the government has the mining town at heart, and blaming ¡®desperate extremists¡¯ for misleading them.Ramotar also touched briefly on the deaths and injuries to protesters, while expressing his commitment to a Commission of Inquiry into the tragedy.President Donald Ramotar¡°I am aware of the great hardships and difficulties that you people are facing as a result of the blockading of roads and bridges within your community,Jerseys Authentic Stitched,¡± the letter stated.¡°Through no fault of yours,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, you are being subject to unnecessary and needless suffering. I also share in your pain and grief and the pain caused by the tragic incidents of July 18 when three of your citizens were killed and many others wounded.¡°On that infamous day property was also destroyed in arson attacks, leaving many persons without jobs.¡°I have committed to a comprehensive Commission of Inquiry into these incidents. Work is being finalised so as to have consensus on the terms of reference of the commission and its inquiry. I believe that justice will be achieved.¡±Ramotar also stated that as President, he has undertaken to have an inclusionary approach to deal with Lindeners¡¯ concerns ¡°including the electricity issue which precipitated the events of July 18, last.¡±¡°I have put on hold the new electricity tariffs and will appoint a committee to review all dimensions of this issue and to recommend options for a resolution of the problem.¡±According to Ramotar, the electricity woes Linden now face preceded the PPP/C¡¯s election to office in 1992.¡°By then the bauxite industry was in dire straits.? In order to remove the financial burdens on the then bauxite company,Soccer World Cup Jerseys, the government was forced to assume responsibility for electricity and for the two hospitals. At the time also the price of fuel was below US$20 per barrel. These prices have since increased astronomically, at times peaking as high as US$140 per barrel. It is because of the rise in fuel prices that the subsidy provided for electricity in Linden became unsustainable. As a result changes were necessary.¡±¡°The Government never intended to remove the subsidy applied to electricity, and we are not removing the subsidy as was so dishonestly told to you. This was never our intention.¡±Ramotar stated that Government had proposed a phased programme of reductions of the subsidy, which would have resulted in gradual increases in tariffs in a way that would have avoided hardships. He said that Government had also suggested other models to minimize the impact of the increases on the vulnerable,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, such as bauxite pensioners.¡°At the same time we aimed to encourage conservation. All of these things were not told to you because desperate ¡®extremists¡¯ wanted to use this issue to promote their personal agenda for power,¡± Ramotar charged.¡°The organizers of the blockades are hurting Linden and causing deep suffering to interior communities in Regions 7,Cheap Jerseys USA, 8 and 9. The hurt is not just because of what is happening now, but also its likely effects on the future of Linden.¡°Jobs of Lindeners are being placed in jeopardy. The call centre in Linden could face closure soon. Bosai is also being hurt. This can but only discourage that company from making the future investments that it had planned, investments that would have rebounded to the benefit of the people of Linden.¡±¡°The actions of the extremists are therefore jeopardizing the future of your community. Linden as a destination for future investments is being harmed by what is taking place at present. These actions must be halted before they inflict further harm to the future development of Linden.I therefore urge a restoration to normalcy in the town for an end to unlawful actions.¡±¡°Linden has never been neglected by the PPP/C Administrations. You are all, I am sure, well aware of the steps that we have taken over the years to support the community of Linden. We will continue to promote development in Linden.¡°You have my solemn pledge that my government will never abandon you but will work with you to secure your well-being.¡±
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A lone gunman escaped with a haversack of money after he shot a patron who was about to enter his car at the Shell gas station at Camp and New Market Streets,Cheap Jerseys From China, yesterday.The man who received a gunshot to his left arm was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital in a car by a relative; he has been identified as 43-year-old Floyd Dalton of Bagotstown,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, East Bank Demerara. The police said that he was shot in the left side and that the bandit escaped with $400,000.At the hospital Dalton was treated and discharged.The injured man's car that was parked under the gas station when he got shot. According to reports,Jerseys Wholesale, at 12:45pm Dalton who was traced from Regent and Robb Streets,Cheap Football Jerseys, visited the shell gas station to purchase fuel for his vehicle. After doing so he parked his car, PLL 193 next to the Shell supermarket where he exited the vehicle and entered the supermarket.When leaving and walking towards his car,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Authentic, the bandit approached him and asked for his haversack. An eyewitness said that the man thought that someone was joking so he turned to walk away. He was then shot and the bandit grabbed his haversack and made good his escape.Sources revealed that Dalton earlier in the day had sold some raw gold.¡° The man tell he ‘pass yo bag,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, pass yo bag’ and he laugh and take it for a joke and the man pull out a gun and shoot he and get away. The man then jump on he phone and make a call and a lady in a car pick he up and carry he to the hospital¡­.Me ain’t know where the bandit come from or where he go,¡± one employee said.At the scene policemen questioned employees about the ability of the security camera recording the robbery and shooting. Statements were then taken from employees, and a .32 spent shell was retrieved by detectives.It was opined by persons at the scene that the perpetrator of the robbery traced the injured man after he may have conducted a business transaction.Up to press time police had held three suspects in connection with the robbery. They are assisting with investigations.
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Two security guards attached to a city-based security firm are under investigation after a break-in at a Berbice school.Some time between 18:00 hrs Wednesday evening and 06:00 hrs on Thursday morning bandits broke into the Vryman¡¯s Erven Secondary School staffroom and ransacked the area. Only a few items such as a hammer, a vial of perfume,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, photo frame and exercise books were missing.The school was under watch by two security guards attached to the Roshan Khan (RK) Security firm, contracted under the Ministry of Local Government.According to reports, this was not the first instance that intruders have gained access to the school premises,Cheap Jerseys From China, even under security watch.Police Constable,Wholesale China Jerseys, Ronnel Chapman, attached to the Central Police Station, told Kaieteur News that the guards on duty at the time denied hearing or seeing anything strange in the compound on Wednesday evening.They also said that the compound was very dark and that the presence of no lights around the school makes them skeptical to leave their guard hut to check for anything suspicious in the dark compound.According to Chapman, both guards will be taken to the Central Police Station, arrested and placed on either self or station bail after which a thorough investigation will be done. He said that they can also be incarcerated for 72 hours.Four years ago,Cheap NHL Jerseys, thieves carted off a large generator set that had been donated to the school by a Peace Corps Volunteer. The generator was encased in a concrete shed which was heavily locked.The shed was located mere inches away from the guard hut. RK Security was not the firm contracted to the school at that time. However,Cheap Jerseys, that firm did not compensate the school the funds to buy a new generator,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, nor was any thorough investigation done.
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Police have released the three suspects that were held for the gruesome murder of 34-year-old Jaipaul ¡®Jai¡¯ Sampuran of Waterloo New Housing Scheme, Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice, on station bail. Two of those detained were last seen drinking with the dead man while another was arrested where Sampuran¡¯s dead body was discovered.A post mortem performed on the body on Wednesday at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital by Dr. Vivekanand Brijmohan concluded that Sampuran died of a fractured skull and cerebral haemorrhage.But new details about the murder are coming to light. Kaieteur News spoke with Sampuran¡¯s brother. Charranjit ¡®Ryan¡¯ Sampuran stated that the family believes that robbery was the motive behind their relative¡¯s murder.He stated that Sampuran left his home shortly after returning from work on Friday afternoon last on his bicycle with his earnings of over $100,000 in his possession. He was reportedly having a few drinks with two individuals at a shop at Number 11 Village, when an argument ensued.¡°One of he friends, Rakesh, came and called he around 10:30 am [Friday] to go to the wedding house and he came and they went. Like an hour later, the friend came home back and called for Jai¡¯s wife¡­She asked what had happened and asked for her husband.¡±He added that the friend reported to the dead man¡¯s wife that he left him at the shop and asked if he had come home. ¡°And he went away and she didn¡¯t hear back anything until the next morning.¡± Sampuran did not come home that night and his wife became worried. She then visited the friend¡¯s house the following morning and enquired again about her husband¡¯s whereabouts. He said that the friend stated that he did not know.She then filed a missing person¡¯s report at the Fort Wellington Station. It was that same morning around 04:25 hrs when Sampuran¡¯s bloody body was discovered under a house in Number 11 Village, some distance away from the shop where he was last seen drinking with the friends.Charranjit went on to state that the body was then taken to the morgue at Number 4 Village.The owner of the house was also questioned at the station. ¡°He said that around 3 am he heard a couple men beating somebody at his downstairs and he thought it was the police were beating thieves. When he peeped he saw a man lying downstairs and he called the neighbours and the police and nobody assisted to take the man to the hospital because it was said that he was still bleeding.¡±Charranjit believes that the friends attempted to rob his brother and he (his brother) resisted and they ran him down the road and beat him to death. ¡°All of them were drinking at the shop,¡± he stated. Nobody in the village saw anything, he stated.They also criticized how the police are handling the case. ¡°They ain¡¯t come and tell we nothing¡±, stated Babita Ramoo, a cousin of the murdered man. She said that the police gave the family all assurances that the three suspects would have passed through court on Thursday but to her surprise she discovered that the men were released on station bail.¡°All the police told me that the file gone to DPP¡­.because up to yesterday at the post mortem; they said they got enough evidence to send those men down.¡±¡°It appears to be a robbery because he had a large amount of cash like over $100,000¡ªhe draw pay at his workplace, so with the same pants he left the home¡­apparently it¡¯s a robbery and he fought back and they double bank him.¡± Only $500 was discovered in the man¡¯s pocket.The dead man¡¯s brother believes that the murderers combined their efforts, since his brother was a big- built individual. He believes that they beat his brother to death with the piece of wood recovered from the murder scene.Additionally, the murdered man¡¯s bicycle was also never recovered. The man¡¯s relatives are concerned about the welfare of the five children as well as the man¡¯s pregnant wife. He was the sole breadwinner of the home.Sampuran leaves to mourn his wife,China Jerseys, Renita and children Rajpaul, 4; Shaun Paul, 1; Tiffany, 3; Britney, 8; and Sherry, 15. There is also Jenny, 12 from another union.Sampuran will be buried today at the Bush Lot Cemetery.
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Curious onlookers stood in astonishment yesterday in the Georgetown Magistrates¡¯ courtyard as a crippled elderly woman was lifted by four police ranks into the courtroom before Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry (ag) to answer to the charge of trafficking in narcotics.The accused, Maxine Dax, 65, is reported to be an American citizen. Police had earlier in the week intercepted her with nine and a half kilo grams of the cocaine concealed in her wheelchair.The woman who was unrepresented, stated that she ¡°lived all her life in the United States.¡± Dax appeared before the magistrate sitting in a wheelchair wearing one side of her sandals.It is alleged that on January 11, the police acting on information, intercepted a car HB 8912 on the Garden of Eden Public Road, East Bank Demerara, in which the accused was a passenger.The police conducted a search of the vehicle and in a motorized wheelchair that the accused had in her possession, lawmen unearthed nine parcels containing rock-like substances suspected to be that of cocaine concealed in the back seat of the said chair.Subsequent tests carried out on the substance found it to be nine and a half kilograms of cocaine.According to Police prosecutor Lionel Harvey, Maxine Dax was told of the offence and arrested.While in the process of explaining her presence in Guyana, the woman was interrupted by the magistrate who then asked her to give the court her address. The elderly woman stated that she resides at 61 Eastern Parkway, New York City, North America.¡°I live all my life in the United States. I don¡¯t have money; I don¡¯t have anything¡­I have no clue of what is going on.¡±Harvey objected to bail on the grounds of the offence committed. The prosecutor explained to the magistrate that according to the legislation, bail should only be granted in circumstances of special reason and as it is,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, no special cause was put to the court by the accused and of such; bail should be denied.It was for that reason that Maxine will continue to be a guest of the State. The matter was made returnable for February 17.
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A reward is being offered for information leading to the apprehension of two bandits who robbed the newspaper distribution outlet on Robb Street, two Sundays ago.Two men on motorcycle carted off more than one million dollars representing newspaper sales, then shot vendor, Warren Accra, in the process.Since the incident, the police have made no headway in terms of identifying the perpetrators, a process made difficult since the men were fully masked.Both men reportedly wore full faced helmets, turtleneck jerseys and black jeans. Only their eyes were visible.Although investigators accessed footage from surveillance cameras in the area they could not identify the getaway bike since it bore no licence plate.On the morning of February 1, around 08:15 hours the men rode up to the scene and placed a gun to the head of the Distribution Manager and relieved him of a bag containing a large amount of cash.One of the newspaper¡¯s sales agents recalled that he was doing his daily operation when two men on a bike rode up on the pavement.He explained that the men stopped next to his colleague¡¯s minibus and demanded the keys to the vehicle while the pillion rider walked up to him, sticking a gun in his face.¡°He said, ¡®give me all the money¡¯ and I give him. He also took my phone and as he turned to go back on the bike,Cheap Jerseys From China, he saw a vendor counting money. I had given the vendor $20,000 in change just before the robbery,¡± one of the agents said.He further added that the gunman walked up to the vendor and grabbed the money out of his hands.¡°The vendor like he thought it was another vendor pulling a prank on him and just as he was about to spring up, the man shoot he and escaped,¡± the agent explained.This newspaper was told that the gunmen attacked the distribution outlet after most of the vendors would have uplifted their papers.¡°They know on Sundays the price for paper does be double so I think that is why they stormed the place (that Sunday) and they escaped with the bus keys so that we wouldn¡¯t follow them,¡± a worker stated.Persons who witnessed the robbery which reportedly lasted less than a minute said that it seems as though the gunmen screened the area and waited for the right moment to strike.¡°In the morning, a police van does come for papers, these men like they waited on the police to move off before they come,¡± an eyewitness to the robbery related.Since the incident the agents had temporarily relocated to the Kaieteur News office on Saffon Street, but they are now back on Robb Street.
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Fine Man¡¯s diary must also be made public – RamjattanIn light of the recent killings of some of the members of the Rondell ¡®Fine Man¡¯ Rawlins gang, Alliance for Change Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan says that the way has been cleared and there is now no excuse for President Bharrat Jagdeo to release the purported footage of the gang operating in Buxton.According to Ramjattan, the public has a right to know who were the people ¡°cavorting with the beasts.¡±President Jagdeo had earlier in the year announced that the security forces are in possession of video tapes that contain gripping evidence of the ¡®Fine Man¡¯ (Rondell Rawlins) gang operating on the East Coast and it was very likely that persons whose images appeared on a tape recording meeting with gunmen in Buxton could be detained soon.It has been several months now but only persons who have allegedly committed several heinous crimes have been shot and killed by the Joint Services.¡°Some people would be embarrassed. The same people who run around the place and call for inquiries and speak about the Joint Services, they will be thoroughly embarrassed,Jerseys NFL Wholesale,¡± the president remarked about the footage.He went on to say that when the footage is released, ¡°You are going to see some very damning things come out about linkages. I know for sure,Wholesale China Jerseys, because I see the security forces¡¯ reports¡­Now I have seen a lot of political figures are linked, too.¡±He said that the video footage existed even before the Lusignan massacre.However, the tape was not released because it would have compromised the clandestine operation that led to the footage being obtained.This is the basis of Ramjattan¡¯s comment of there being no more excuses,Wholesale NFL Jerseys USA, given that most if not all of the criminals on the tape are dead.Jagdeo had explained that some of the footage was taken from houses in Buxton and a release of the tape would have shown the angle from which it was taken.The other set of footage was taken by informants who had hidden cameras and who were sitting next to the criminals.¡°If we make that public, we would betray who the informants were and the houses from which the surveillance was taken. But clearly when the faces were extracted from the footage,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and they were available to the security forces, they(the forces) looked at them even before Lusignan,¡± according to the President.Apart from ¡°Fine Man¡± and Jermaine Charles called Skinny, several persons whose images were purportedly extracted from the footage have been shot and killed by the Joint Services in recent months.Among the men fingered in the released photographs and now dead are 17-year-old Otis Fiffee, called ¡®Mud Up¡¯; Cecil Ramcharran, 42,Cheap NFL Jerseys Store, and Uncle Willie and Robin Chung, called ¡®Chung Boy¡¯,Cheap Jerseys USA, 16.FINE MAN¡¯S DIARYRamjattan yesterday emphasized that the diary that was found following the Christmas Falls shootout with the gang members must also be released.He noted that this was necessary for the public to understand the darker side of Rawlins and would assist with a greater understanding of his motives.He noted that the contents of the diary must also be studied to find out the root causes of what drove him to commit such heinous acts, noting that it could be used to prevent reoccurrences.According to police, the diary had made mention of the Lusignan massacre and the death of his sister Marcyn King.
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Caribbean Airlines crash¡­The government is looking to move against squatters along the country¡¯s only international airport after a Caribbean Airlines pilot commanding flight BW523 overran the runway last Saturday morning.The packed Caribbean Airlines passenger jet skidded off the runway as it landed at the Cheddi Jagan International, then broke in two at the edge of a ravine. There were no casualties.With the plane crashing through the fence and unto the nearby roadway, narrowly missing surrounding houses,China Jerseys, the government is looking to take ¡°aggressive¡± action to remove the squatters from the airport¡¯s perimeter.Beyond the acknowledgement that the plane overran the runway, there is not much that the government is saying, as the civil aviation authority here is working with regional and international experts to determine what went wrong.¡°I think we should hold our horses and allow those investigations to be completed, those findings to be publicised, more somberly sit down and indeed reflect on what should be blamed or who should be blamed for what,jerseys nfl wholesale,¡± said Dr Roger Luncheon,Jerseys From China, the government¡¯s chief spokesperson,China Jerseys, yesterday.While the investigations are ongoing, Dr Luncheon said that the most preliminary observation about interventions at the scene suggests that aggressive action is needed to remove the squatters who are directly in the path of the extended runway.He said that removing the 300-plus squatters is not a simple task, as construction is ongoing despite the dangers caused by living near to an airport.¡°I am pretty certain the sight of BW523 descending on their homes may make the work on progress in removing the squatters easier. If that doesn¡¯t I don¡¯t know what will,¡± quipped Dr Luncheon.The Cabinet Secretary said that international flights are densely regulated by local regulatory and international bodies.? He said these bodies have obligations to do compliance checks to ensure that the airports remain compliant.He said that with such incidents as last Saturday, the inevitable blame game creeps in.The Boeing 737-800 aircraft overshot the runway and burst through a perimeter fence after arriving at the airport. The craft was coming from New York following an intransit stop in Trinidad.The front of the plane snapped off and the craft stopped meters from a jungle gorge. No fire broke out and only three people were hospitalized,Authentic NFL Jerseys China, one for a broken leg.The plane came to a rest outside the airport, its front half broken off and its nose in thick undergrowth.Flight BW 523 was carrying 157 passengers and six crew. The Trinidad and Tobago-based Caribbean Airlines said it did not know the cause of the accident, which happened during good visibility and light rain,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, according to local authorities.A total of 35 people were treated for their injuries, including the plane’s pilot, Edinburgh Gardens, 52, the Georgetown Public Hospital said in a statement.The summer months are a busy travel period in Guyana as many citizens who live overseas return for vacations. The airport closed for several hours after the crash but reopened by midday.
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The relevant laws were passed in 2013, giving the green light for the establishment of a Local GovernmentMinister of Communities, Ronald BulkanCommission, and this body is expected to come on stream shortly.This was revealed at City Hall yesterday where the Mayor and City Council (M&CC)¡¯s held a Special Session on Local Government and Local Governance in Guyana.Oscar Clarke, Chairman of Personnel and Training Committee of the M&CC, said yesterday that the commission will be responsible for various matters related to the staff of all Local Government Councils nationwide.While most of these processes fell under the purview of the minister responsible for Local Government,China Jerseys, this would no longer be the case.The Commission,NFL Jerseys Cheap, Clarke said, will be an independent body ¡°like the Public Service Commission¡± which will be responsible to Parliament and to the President.He added that 20 sections of Chapter 28:01 of the Municipal and Districts Councils Act will be decommissioned to make way for the commission, which will have the power to make its own rules.Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan, who was also present at the Special Session, said that relevant funding for the commission was provided in the 2016 National Budget. However,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, he did not commit to the exact date of the commission¡¯s commencement.The minister also touched on various issues but spoke mostly of the importance of Local Government Elections (LGEs) and A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance for Chance (APNU/AFC)¡¯s? commitment to make the LGEs a reality.The Commission¡¯s functions, outlined at clause 13. (1) of the Act,? state that the Commission shall have power to deal with all matters relating to the regulation and staffing of local government organs including employment and dismissal of staff and with dispute resolution within and between local government organs.M&CC¡¯s Oscar ClarkeIt shall also monitor and review the performance and implementation of policies of all local government organs,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, including policies of taxation and protection of the environment; monitor,NFL Jerseys Online, evaluate and make recommendations on policies, procedures and practices of all local government organs in order to promote effective local governance.The commission will investigate any matter under its purview and propose remedial action to the Minister, whenever or wherever necessary; monitor and review all existing and proposed legislation, and/or policies and measures relating to local government organs and make recommendations for any legislation or any amendments to any legislation and/or policy to the Minister, as well as examine and propose ways of enhancing the capacity of local government organs.The Commission, once established, will take over most of the current oversight role exercised by the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development. Local government organs will now be able to exercise executive authority in keeping with the autonomy guaranteed by the constitution.The Commission will oversee not only municipalities and NDCs but also Regional Democratic Councils as well as Amerindian Villages. The Act states, at Clause 13. (5):In the discharge of its functions the Commission shall have regard to the provisions of the Municipal and District Councils Act (Cap. 28:01),cheap jerseys authentic, the Local Government Act (Cap. 28:02), the Local Democratic Organs Act (Cap. 28:09), the Amerindian Act (Cap. 29:01), and any other provisions bearing on matters of local government.
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Government has issued a licence for the importation of 500,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping,000 pounds pork to keep prices stable as the massive demand for pork on the local market has increased,China Jerseys, Minister of Agriculture Dr. Leslie Ramsammy confirmed yesterday.?? However,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, the name of the importer was not disclosed. Pork is being sold by retailers at $700 per pound. The licence would only be valid until September 2012, Ramsammy said.Demand for the meat has been growing over the last three years; consumption has risen to over three million kilograms (6.7 million pounds).Unlike cattle and poultry, most swine farmers usually rear on a small scale. In 2011,Adidas Hockey Jerseys Cheap, Guyanese consumed 30 million kilograms of chicken and about 35 million table eggs.Dr Ramsammy explained that when the market is undersupplied,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, demand outstrips the supply and the price will go up, and as such a licence was given to ensure sustainability.Businessmen in the meat sector noted the demand can be a factor because of the recent shortage of chicken. It was further noted the shortage may be as a result of the huge amount of the meat being exported to Brazil.Dr Ramsammy was confident that Guyana still possesses the capacity to produce an adequate supply of pork,Cheap Jerseys From China Outlet, beef and poultry to sustain the local market.Government recently granted 12 licences for the importation of one million pounds of chicken. The licences are to expire in three months, on September 12. This decision was made in response to the increase in price for chicken.